All The Time – Swamp Jacuzzi

I have been wanting to do this all day. Still a good bit to square away and my swamp time is ticking down

Turn Summa Dat Shit On Man – Swamp Jacuzzi

Tryin to take a call with Skype on a number fowarded from Google Voice and you have open Facebook, Twitter,, Spreaker, Voicemeeter, Audacity, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome. and Cantabile lite 64. You hear ringing, but can’t see from where….

Last One For The Night. Let’s Make It Count – Swamp Jacuzzi

Both Rock AND Roll

I asked if it’s alright with you could we do it again – Swamp Jacuzzi

Maxing and mixing

Monday Morning Gunk..On Tuesday – Swamp Jacuzzi

Another show where I just have a bunch of tunes loaded and just going to see where it leads

The Witching Hour – Swamp Jacuzzi

One Last One For The Evening. Let’s get ooky spooky

I Gotta Vermilion Of ‘Em – Swamp Jacuzzi

Just a mixed bag of assorted goodies.

Coo Coo Ca Chew On This – Swamp Jacuzzi

Just Music and Only About The Music

Freedom’s Just Another Word – Swamp Jacuzzi

Going for just an open jam running the gammet to see where it leads us. Hopefully not leading to lockdown like the last go of this.

Shake! – Swamp Jacuzzi

All things Shakin’. Come on, Shake

More Reaper Madness On Fyre – Swamp Jacuzzi

Just cause. We still shake it one more time

Sin Sa Tion Geaux WILD – Swamp Jacuzzi

garage punk and just throwing down the good. Can ya dig?

Greetings From Buttholeville – Swamp Jacuzzi

Just a good ole late night mental enema.

Electrophonic Sonic Meltdown – Electrophonic Tonic

When you are having a bad day, loud rock and roll sometimes is the only cure

The Chosen Few More – Electrophonic Tonic

More 60s garage punk stompers

The Chosen Few – Electrophonic Tonic

60s Garage Punk stompers galore

Phone interview with Andrea of Ye Nuns – Electrophonic Tonic

Nuns versus Monks – Electrophonic Tonic

Going to play some tunes I just received today. It is by an all female group from London. They are a tribute band to the ultra weird 60’s group The Monks. I think it is a great way to kick off this debut episode of Electrophonic Tonic.

My Mephistophelean Creed – Electrophonic Tonic

This is a special show playing all tunes by Swedish Rockers The Hellacopters/

Rootie Tootie Doi Doi – Electrophonic Tonic

Just the ole mental enema through rock n roll.

Ain’t That Just The Cypress’ Knees – Electrophonic Tonic

This one may or may not get weird. I already feel weird. So chances are…

Do It!! What is it?? – Electrophonic Tonic

The kinda stuff I think about after oversleeping, putting on a Hellacopters song and thinking I knew what he was talking about, but now still 100% sure. So this episode explores different ideas of “it” and what to do with “it” if you do get “it.”

Now It Is Saturday. We Still Shakin’ – Electrophonic Tonic

Rock and Roll. Nothing to discuss

Friday Night Shakedown – Electrophonic Tonic

It’s Only Rock n Roll, but I LOVE IT!!

Mystic Eyes, Countless Cries, and Wonder Whys – Electrophonic Tonic

Just straight up garage, skiffle, psych, and freakbeat. Do you feel it?

I Just Want To Be A Sumthin’ – Electrophonic Tonic

Some Cajun. Some rock. Then I am going to try out a new app through my Facebook called Dialog. Join in on the discussion.

Louisiana Special Hot Plate Lunch Part 3 – Electrophonic Tonic

All Cajun, zydeco, and swamp pop from Lafayette, Louisiana the third installment

Louisiana Special Hot Plate Lunch #2 – Electrophonic Tonic

All Cajun Zydeco and swamp pop from Lafayette, LA today/

Louisiana Special Hot Plate Lunch – Electrophonic Tonic

Special little showcase sending some love out to Lafayette, Louisiana and it’s rich culture.

What do I wanna do? Well let’s do it again – Electrophonic Tonic

If ya just gotta rock it, you know it’s in the pocket. Gotta have it. – Electrophonic Tonic

Let’s geaux!

Lagniappe (Sick Of You) – Electrophonic Tonic

Just a little extra fun

Catfish Appalachian with The Telephoto Eye – Electrophonic Tonic

Have ya ever been catfished? Well that is the theme of this episode. Enjoy.

One More For The People In The Back – Electrophonic Tonic

Sins Bayou Own Damn Hand – Electrophonic Tonic

Have been further digging around for music of Sonic’s Rendezvous Band as I learn of the influence they had on their peers.

Sweet Nothing – Electrophonic Tonic

Music through life. Life gets tough. Music is the thing that makes it ok to be a little tough.

Highjackin’ Love – Electrophonic Tonic

More of a little thing I like to call Rock n Roll

Here I Go – Electrophonic Tonic

Music and nothing but the music

Kick Out The Reaper Madness, Ya Dig? – Electrophonic Tonic

It’s time for a Bayou Revolution. A coup d’état of the swamp. A changing of the pirougue. Turn that shit UP!!

Satan’s Choice Maximiser -Electrophonic Tonic Part 3 – Electrophonic Tonic

More exclusive 7inch vinyl spins

Satan’s Choice Maximiser Part 2 – Electrophonic Tonic

All 7inch punk vinyl

Trash Pickin – Electrophonic Tonic

Satan’s Choice Maximizer – Electrophonic Tonic

All 7inch vinyl records for this episode

Gone Spreakin’! Do Wahaaat Now?? – Electrophonic Tonic

A late night problem solver though song. Be sure to visit for updates and episode of Bayou Degradable, as well it’s big brother podcast, Swamp Jacuzzi

Roll Me Over and Turn Me Around – Electrophonic Tonic

Run Run Run Overtime – Electrophonic Tonic

Run Run Run – Electrophonic Tonic

Are You Satisfied? – Electrophonic Tonic

I Ain’t No Miracle Worker – Electrophonic Tonic

Cosmic Appalachian Yella – Electrophonic Tonic

Dear Dad – Electrophonic Tonic

WILD WILDER WILDEST – Electrophonic Tonic

Hopefully I worked the bugs out of this vocal issue. Gonna give it another geaux. Come join me? Bayou Degradable goes live in five. Ya heard?

WILD WILD WILDER – Electrophonic Tonic

WILD WILD WILD – Electrophonic Tonic

Hold on to yer hats 2. – Electrophonic Tonic

Hold On To YerHats. – Electrophonic Tonic

My Damn Head – Electrophonic Tonic

A little late night lagnaippe – Electrophonic Tonic

Quick One To Sleep To – Electrophonic Tonic

Steam rises , shit floats, and I will let you down. – Electrophonic Tonic

I don’t know what I’m talking about

Rockin’ that ass again. Cause ya can’t stop the Boutte’. – Electrophonic Tonic

Rockin that ass – Electrophonic Tonic

Are you ready? I think Im ready. – Electrophonic Tonic

C’est se bon, mes amis – Electrophonic Tonic

Up late night smokin’ threefers. Ya dig? – Electrophonic Tonic

Sumthin for nothin is still better than nothin’. Say sumthin’ – Electrophonic Tonic

Sarcastic lil ole me – Electrophonic Tonic

One more Because Why The Hell Not – Electrophonic Tonic

It’s Fucking Great To Be Alive – Electrophonic Tonic