Episode 155

Joey and Phill don’t fit the vacation life and get into the Hobbit’s tight hole.

Episode 154

Happy New Year! Resolution Review and New Predictions 

Episode 153

Happy Holidays, Assholes!

Episode 152

CT Atrocity and Gun Control

Episode 151

Bones and Change

Episode 150

Reflections on Failure and NYC Stays Crazy

Episode 149

Drones and Disney

Episode 148

Joey and Phill get double teamed by special guests Dr. Elke Weesjes of United Academics Journal of Social Science, and Dr. Lori Peek, author of Behind the Backlash: Muslim Americans after 9/11

Episode 147

We Drag Down Skyfall and 007, Push Out Let the Sky Fall by All Torn Up, and Dig In to Poop People at the Movies

Episode 146

Post Hurricane Hardcore Show and Joey Hits a Man with a Chain

Episode 145

It’s all about Sandy

Episode 144

Underground at the Swamp

Episode 143

October 22nd Protest Against Police Brutality and ComiCon

Episode 142

Brian Kleve stops by to talk music, and capitalism, commercials, and being coopted.

Episode 141

Green Day’s temper tantrum & Sons of Anarchy

Episode 140

Innocence of Muslims & Marginal Taringbabi Jakarta Punk

Episode 139

Biased reporting from the front lines of OWS on Sept.17th, 2012.

Episode 138

Happy Birthday OWS and our friends are assholes.

Episode 137

Back to School and Batman, 3min Break down By H.F.L.

Episode 136

Joey Steel and Filthy Phill survive the road.

Episode 135

More Ramsay and the Will

Episode 134

The Olympics and Free Pussy, Riot!

Episode 133

Underground from out of town and Failures and Friendship

Episode 132

Filthy Phill does not appreciate minority art and Joey does not appreciate the Joker’s lack of vision

Episode 131

Hanging with the Comrades 

Episode 130

Transgendered Jesus Sucks and Gordon Ramsey rules

Episode 129

A Stabbing, 3 MinBreakdown “Supreficial Science” by No More Victims and Promethius 

Episode 128

Filthy Phill Moves, 3 min. Breakdown ft. “So sick” by Zombie Fight, and Quadead 

Episode 127

Punk Island Mop Up

Episode 126

Perspective, Punk Island and Bullying

Episode 124

Quitters and Zombies

Episode 125

Joey HATES METAL, Shows & Stakes

Episode 123

We sit down and talk about life, music, community, and the early hardcore scene with director/musician Drew Stone. Get down with xxxALL AGESxxx: The Boston Hardcore Film with screening info also avaiable on the film’s website.

Episode 122

NATO, Free Will,  The Blood Brothers and A New Format

Episode 121

Mad men talking about MAD MEN, and Calder comes down to talk about the June 1st Punk Island Benefit show

Episode 120

A WWIX Video Shoot and Gay Marriage

Episode 119

Filthy Phill has a shitty day and Movie Talk

Episode 118

Joey Plays A Bad Ass Show, More Punk Island, PC Punks

Episode 117

MAY DAY!! YAY! We talk with special guest Eric Ribellarsi who talks about the Everything for Everyone Fest and much more

Episode 116

WWIX, The Confederacy, A Crazy Norwegan, Florence and the Machine and Punk Island,

Episode 115

5’9 Punks w/ 8 ft. Pipes VS The State and Investing in Freedom

Episode 114

Jamie Hamma from Abject stops by to chat.

Episode 113

The Will & Making Sandwiches