Live Ledge #210: By The Numbers, Part 1

Live Ledge #210: By The Numbers, Part 1

To celebrate a birthday, Hudson starts a two-part series where he plays one song from every year he’s lived.

Live Ledge #137: Alphabet Rock

Live Ledge #137: Alphabet Rock

An alphabetical trip through some of Hudson’s favorite bands.

Live Ledge #97: Tributes

Inspired by a Lydia Loveless song called “Steve Earle”, tonight’s show is nothing but songs about other artists.

Live Ledge #83: Odds & Sods

No real theme for this week – just some random tracks and irritated babbling from Scott.

Live Ledge #60: 1987 (Again)

Scott once again goes back a half-life for songs from a decadent year.

Live Ledge #58: Kickstarter

Besides a setlist of primarily new finds, there’s also a discussion of the Kickstarter fund for a documentary on Grant Hart.