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Live Ledge #363: New Releases

Live Ledge #363: New Releases

The first show of 2019 is also the first new release episode of the year!

Live Ledge #189: New Releases

Live Ledge #189: New Releases

Host Scott Hudson presents some of the latest new indie, surf, punk, and blues releases.

Live Ledge #89: Black Friday Sucks!

Two hours of songs against the travesty of Black Friday, and the cretins who make it out to shop when they should still be sleeping.

Rural Ledge-ucation #70: White Light White Heat

All new releases today, bracketed by covers of White Light/White Heat from the Lawless soundtrack.

Rural Ledge-ucation #59: Weddings Stink!

It’s wedding season, so here’s 90 minutes of songs that should give you silly people second thoughts about making this awful decision!

Rural Ledge-ucation #48: Alex Chilton

We commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the death of Alex Chilton with a collection of covers and rarities.