Live Ledge #149: RIP Scott Asheton

Live Ledge #149: RIP Scott Asheton

A tribute to the recently-deceased drummer of The Stooges, featuring originals and covers.

Live Ledge #148: Compilations

Live Ledge #148: Compilations

Nothing but tunes from various artists compilations tonight!

Live Ledge #99: Lonely Boy

To “commemorate” a phony holiday, tonight’s show is an anti-Valentine’s Day show with nothing but “lonely” songs.

Live Ledge #81: Family Tree

Besides the usual new releases, blog finds, and old faves, tonight’s show features a number of “family trees” – sets that include spinoffs and solo projects of some of my fave bands.

Live Ledge #64: RIP Adam Yauch

Besides a tribute to Adam Yauch from the Beasties, we celebrate Link Wray’s birthday and preview a ton of upcoming releases.

Live Ledge #62: 3 Deaths & a Dummy

Much happened in the music world this week, and Hudson covers them all tonight!