White Trash and Whiskey Bent 013

White Trash and Whiskey Bent 013

Its LUCKY NUMBER 13!! HELL YEAH!! A very strange mix this week but all to celebrate episode #13 A Pony Named Olga – 666-13 Red Fang – Number Thirteen Soilent Green – Thirteen Days A Weak The Accüsed – 13 Letters Johnny Cash – Thirteen The Legendary Tiger Man – Thirteen [Danzig] – Mafalda Nascimento Avail – Sanctuary 13 NOFX – 13 Stitches Adolescents – Formula 13 Black Flag – Room 13 D.O.A – 13 The Dwarves – 13 Stories High Burning Streets – 13 Hours Chesty Malone And The Slice’em Ups – 13 Killers Spoiler NYC – Lucky 13 Guitar Wolf – Jet13 “Demons” – Clock strikes 13 The Hypnophonics – Outpost 13 Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Thirteen Crimes

The Final Break Up – White Trash Whiskey Bent 012

The Final Break Up – White Trash Whiskey Bent 012

Saying Goodbye to someone you Love is Hard… Goodbye to Adria…. Last break Up show I will every do…  Face To Face – Disconnected Fugazi – Bad Mouth Plow United – A Beautiful Love Song Dillinger Four – Doublewhiskeycokenoice Eddy Current Supression Ring – Which Way To Go The Hex Dispensers – Lose My Cool The New Bomb Turks – Cryin’ In The Beer Of A Drunk Man Supersuckers – She Is Leaving Social Distortion – Ball And Chain Minor Threat – I Don’t Wanna Hear It Circle Jerks – Don’t Care Fear – I Don’t Care About You Hank Williams lll – Gone But Not Forgotten Tim Barry – This November The .357 String Band – Down on a Bender Agnostic Front – Never Walk Alone Wisdom In Chains – Get To Steppin’ Blood For Blood – So Common, So Cheap Call Me Bronco – Four Shots

S3 Episode 10 – TNS Radio Punk Podcast

S3 Episode 10 – TNS Radio Punk Podcast

This week’s show is brought to you by the guys from TNSrecords. Bev & Andy play tunes from bands playing Manchester Punk Festival on the weekend. They really didn’t talk about a lot but somehow managed to fill the whole hour. Basically, buy your Manchester Punk Festival tickets to reduce their stress levels and everyone will be happy. You can click on the iTunes link below the player to subscribe or use use the feed url – itpc://www.tnsrecords.co.uk/?feed=podcast The show also goes on on Real Punk Radio on Thursdays at 5pm Eastern time and on Punk Rock Demo at 7pm PacificRead More

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White Trash and Whiskey Bent 011

White Trash and Whiskey Bent 011

Didn’t really mean to have a themed show but thats kinda what you are getting…. NOFX – I’ve Got One Jealous Again, Again Against Me! – Even At Our Worst We’re Still Better Than Most (The Roller) The Bronx – I Got Chills Rancid – Collision Course Adolescents – Nothing Left to Say Svetlanas – Go Fuck You Self Teenage Bottlerocket – Can’t Quit You Dinosaur Jr. – Feel the Pain Fugazi – Burning Too Baboon – Save Me River City Tanlines – I’m A Damn Dog The Venomous Pinks – No No No The Sharp Lads – The Kids Don’t Want No Rock’n’Roll 54 Nude Honeys – No Way Guitar Wolf – UFO Romantics Broken Aris – This Is The Last One The 13th Floor Elevators – You’re Gonna Miss Me  

S3 Episode 9 – TNS Radio Punk Podcast

S3 Episode 9 – TNS Radio Punk Podcast

It’s already the 9th episode of the TNS punk podcast and we have gone weekly! This is the first episode from our new set of presenters Ricky, Matt, Mike and Scott. You can listen to them drink some homemade wine whilst discussing stories from festivals to prepare for the up coming festival season. This also played some tunes. You can click on the iTunes link below the player to subscribe or use use the feed url – itpc://www.tnsrecords.co.uk/?feed=podcast The show also goes on on Real Punk Radio on Thursdays at 5pm Eastern time and on Punk Rock Demo at 7pm PacificRead More

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S3 Episode 8 – TNS Radio Punk Podcast

S3 Episode 8 – TNS Radio Punk Podcast

Ben and Pete off of ACiD DROP play out tunes that have pricked up their ears over the past month. They also discuss the morals behind cutting Scotch Eggs in half prior to eating, tracks from Manchester Punk Festival Bands and provide obituaries for bands who have decided to call it a day. This episode features The Dead Class, Faintest Idea, Matilda’s Scoundrels an exclusive track from Nosebleed, Murderburgers, Franceens and many many more. Get your choons to podcast@tnsrecords.co.uk if you would like to feature in the next Podcast. Make yourself a Horlicks, grab you ear buds, touch play and,Read More

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Live Ledge #192: Trio In a Row

Live Ledge #192: Trio In a Row

Completing a trio of shows, tonight’s playlist features nothing but three consecutive classic tracks in a row.

White Trash and Whiskey Bent 010

White Trash and Whiskey Bent 010

This week it was short sweet and to the point!! Punk Rock n’ Roll…. Fucked Up – The Great Divide Superchunk – Slack Motherfucker The Lawrence Arms – The Redness In The West Jawbreaker – Tour Song Riverboat Gamblers – The Ol’ Smash And Grab The Heart Attacks – You Oughtta’ Know By Now The Exploding Hearts – Sniffin’ Glue The Gits – Cut My Skin It Makes Me Human The Short Fuses – Beneath The City Of The Guitar Vixens Lunachicks – Binge + Purge replacements – kick your door down Joy Division – Warsaw Wire – 12XU The Gloryholes – Immune To You River City Tanlines – Devil Made Me Do It White Wires – Did You Forget My Name The Cute Lepers – Terminal Boredom High Tension Wires – Tokyo Is Burning Down The Marked Men – Blew My Head Brutal Juice – Nationwide

Live Ledge #191: More Three In a Row

Live Ledge #191: More Three In a Row

The second part of three episodes where host Hudson highlights albums that featured three classic tunes in a row.

TNS Radio Podcast S3 Episode 6

The latest episode of the TNSrecords podcast is brought to by Bev and Andy from TNS. As you can probably imagine they talk a lot of nonsense. They also have all the info Manchester Punk Festival, a new TNS release and loads more. There are also some great new tunes. You can click on the iTunes link below the player to subscribe or use use the feed url – itpc://www.tnsrecords.co.uk/?feed=podcast Here is what they played… Brutal Youth – Contrarian Ziplock – Not Cost Effective The Repossessed – Try Vanilla Pod – She’s Dead Now Landverraad – The Mirror Is Broken School DamageRead More

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Old Guy Party WTWB 007

Old Guy Party WTWB 007

Its a OLD GUY PARTY… All bands have members at least my age and older… Dead Kennedys – Moon Over Marin Dwarves – Everybodies Girl The Meatmen – The Dwarves Are The 2Nd Greatest Band In The World D.O.A. – Cocktail Time In Hell Fang – The Money Will Roll Right In GG Allin & The Jabbers – Gimme Some Head The Blatz – Homemade Speed G.B.H. – Sick Boy Rancid – Dope Sick Girl Social Distortion – Mommy’s Little Monster Bouncing Souls – Kate Is Great NOFX – Bob Propagandhi – Showdown (G.E. P.) Bad Religion – Bad Religion 7 Seconds – Walk Together, Rock Together Bad Brains – Pay to Cum Cock Sparrer – Suicide Girls The Macc Lads – Beer & Sex & Chips ‘n’ Gravy Jello Biafra With D.O.A. – We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

White Trash and Whiskey Bent 5 its all about the LADIES

White Trash and Whiskey Bent 5 its all about the LADIES

This week it is all about the LADIES!! Girls ROCK!! almost 2 full hours of female fronted GREATNESS!! A mix of OLD and NEW from all over the world… sit back relax and enjoy the joyride… The God Damn Doo Wop Band – Talk Too Much Nikki Corvette – Young & Crazy HOLLY AND THE ITALIANS – I Wanna Go Home PANDORAS – That’s Your Way Out Electrocutes – Assmar Suicide Squad – New Kids Army Gash – Gash Trash Action Pact – London Bouncers X-RAY SPEX – I Live Off You Vice Squad – Last Rockers HONEY BANE – Girl On The Run Annex – Day Of The Lords CONFLICT – Who Will Crass – Where Next Columbus? DIRT – Hiroshima The Bags – Survive THE SLITS – Vindictive X – Nausea The Gits – Whiskey 7 Year Bitch – the scratch The Muffs – Rock And Roll Girl Betty Blowtorch – Hell On Wheels Die Hunns – Back ‘N’ Black Dishrags – I Don’t Love You Teenage Jesus & The Jerks – Less Of Me Maggots – TammyWynette Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl (New Radio 7in 1993) Chix N’ Dix – Virus Naked Aggression – Plastic World Red Bacteria Vacuum – Free Soul THE AVENGERS – Teenage Rebel Svetlanas – Siberian Girl SADO-NATION – Messed Up Mixed Up Toxic Shock – Riot Riot Riot MysteryGirls – Ego 54 Nude Honeys – Where Is Love The’s – The Barracuda The Soviettes – Roller Girls Beki Bondage – Son Continue Reading →

TNS Radio Podcast S3 Episode 5

It’s time for the fifth episode of the TNSrecords punk podcast. This time the show is brought to you by Ben & Pete from Acid Drop. You can click on the iTunes link below the player to subscribe or use use the feed url – itpc://www.tnsrecords.co.uk/?feed=podcast Here is what they played… Wonk Unit- Go Easy Casual Nausia- Leave Me Alone Tosserlad – It’s Just Not Cider The Burnt Tapes – Luber Jake and The Jellyfish- Coffee Tally The 4130s – Treading Water Maxwell’s Dead – Like A Contrast Revenge of The Psychotronic Man- The Family Old Coyote Club – City Foxes TheRead More

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White Trash and Whiskey Bent 4 its all about THE LOVE

White Trash and Whiskey Bent 4 its all about THE LOVE

tonight’s show is all about The Love Dwarves -Bitch I Love You Dead Boys -What Love Is The Pagans -What’s This Shit Called Love? The Damned -Love Song The Kidnappers -A Bit of Your Love The Datsuns -In Love The Bloody Muffs -Love Me Like A Drug The Manikins -Lovesick The Briefs -Love And Ulcers The Vibrators -Automatic Lover Dayglo Abortions -Used To Be In Love Subhumans -Love Is… f-minus -love is just a tool Help Me Devil -Love Is A Dog From Hell The Hillbilly Moon Explosion -My Love For Evermore (with Sparky) Texas Terri Bomb -Love Hates Me ANTISEEN -‘Cause I Love You Wire -Feeling Called Love The Mummies -Your Love the monsters -the love i never had Batmobile -01 – Uranium Love Circle Jerks -Love Kills Joe Strummer -Love Kills The Panic Beats -Love Kills The Fuck Off And Dies -I Fucking Love Her Hear The Sirens -Last Call Love Civet -Buy My Love T. Tex Edwards & The Swingin’ Kornflake Killers -FUNNEL OF LOVE Reverend Elvis And The Undead Syncopators HICKOIDS -BURNING Sillies -Love you to death

White Trash and Whiskey Bent episode 2

White Trash and Whiskey Bent episode 2

Hell Yeah!! Had a great set this week with a few NEW release from some LOCAL Johnson City, TN. bands.. New tracks from Scull Soup, Death Trip and The Nerve Endings… All 3 will be playing Friday February 6th at THE HIDEAWAY hope everyone can make it out… Also had some old school Skate Punk, Crack Rock steady and some horror punk this week.. We The Heathens -Drink ‘em Down Pipes And Pints -Never Let You Down Dirty Filthy Mugs -Another Round Beantown Boozehounds -On The Road Cerebral Ballzy -Sk8 All Day Dag Nasty -All Ages Show Adolescents -Rip It Up Scull Soup -No Substitute Nerve Endings -Stuck in the City Death Trip -Feed Your Ego Calabrese -Children Of the Night The Cryptoids -Amityville The Spookshow -Carry me Home Leftover Crack -Baby-Punchers No Cash -Gasoline The Unholy 3 -Torn Between Suicide And Breakfast The Goddamn Gallows – In League With Satan The BellRays -Suicide Baby

Live Ledge #105: Then And Now

Two tracks per artist – one old and one new. It’s a simple concept, but fun!

Live Ledge #100: Falls Landing

Live Ledge #100: Falls Landing

To celebrate the 100th episode, Hudson took the show on the road to Falls Landing to play nothing but his favorite songs of all time.

Rural Ledge-ucation #89: Bitter Tears

Rural Ledge-ucation #89: Bitter Tears

A companion piece to Friday’s “lonely” episode, this morning is nothing but “bitter” tunes.

Live Ledge #99: Lonely Boy

To “commemorate” a phony holiday, tonight’s show is an anti-Valentine’s Day show with nothing but “lonely” songs.

Live Ledge #98: New Finds

It’s that time of the month again! More new releases and blog finds!

Live Ledge #95: 2013

The first show of 2013 is all new releases and new finds!


Live Ledge #94: Janitor Bob

Pat McIntyre and Martin Dill from Janitor Bob join Scott, followed by an hour of old Sioux Falls indie rock.

Live Ledge #93: Christmas

Besides talking about the St. Paul Graham Parker concert Scott saw earlier this week, tonight is all about punk rock Christmas songs. For the 3rd straight year, Hudson ignores the sentimental garbage and piles on the edgier side of the holidays.

Live Ledge #90: New Finds

It’s become a monthly feature for Hudson to showcase almost an entire show of new releases and blog finds. This is one of those episodes.

Live Ledge #89: Black Friday Sucks!

Two hours of songs against the travesty of Black Friday, and the cretins who make it out to shop when they should still be sleeping.

Live Ledge #88: The In Crowd

A jam-packed show tonight, full of new tunes, blog finds, and discussions of the Hostess situation and the new Rolling Stones documentary, Crossfire Hurricane.

Live Ledge #87: More New Finds

Lots and lots of new releases and blog finds, plus Siri co-hosts a segment and picks a song.

Live Ledge #86: Chuck Berry’s Belated Birthday

Health issues prevented me from celebrating Chuck Berry’s 86th birthday on October 18, so we celebrated it tonight with rarities and great cover versions.

Rural Ledge-ucation #75: Matthew Ryan Interview

Two days before the release of his excellent new album, In the Dusk of Everything, Matthew Ryan woke up early on a Sunday to talk about the new album and share some of his favorite bands and tunes.

Live Ledge #85: Halloween

For the third straight year, host Scott Hudson compiled two hours of the scariest songs ever! Play this when the trick or treaters come to your door.

Live Ledge #84: Anniversaries

This week marked plenty of rock ‘n’ roll anniversaries, both good and bad. We plow through them all.

Live Ledge #83: Odds & Sods

No real theme for this week – just some random tracks and irritated babbling from Scott.

Live Ledge #82: Green Day

Ash from The Big Brother Gossip Show joins Scott tonight to discuss the merits of the new Green Day album, Uno.

Live Ledge #81: Family Tree

Besides the usual new releases, blog finds, and old faves, tonight’s show features a number of “family trees” – sets that include spinoffs and solo projects of some of my fave bands.

Live Ledge #80: Life Story (Pt. 1)

With a big day coming up this week, host Scott Hudson has selected one song per year that he has been alive. Sunday’s Rural Ledge-ucation will conclude the series.

Live Ledge #78: New Finds

Tonight’s show features a ton of new and upcoming releases, along with quite a few rare finds.

Rural Ledge-ucation #66: Happy Birthday Joe Strummer!

This Tuesday would have been Joe Strummer’s 60th birthday. Today’s show features his post-Clash career in celebration.

Live Ledge #77: The Kinks

In response to NBC’s idiotic decision to not air Ray Davies at the Olympic Closing Ceremonies, tonight’s show is nothing but tunes by The Kinks!

Live Ledge #75: Peel Sessions (Pt. 1)

Nothing but tunes from the late, great John Peel archive!


Live Ledge #74: London’s Burning!

A show dedicated to our fine comrades across the pond, along with a celebration of one of their prime exports, Sir Michael Phillip “Mick” Jagger!

Live Ledge #73: I’m Back!

After another short break due to remodeling, Hudson is back with almost all new releases!

Live Ledge #72: Jukebox Hero

A new jukebox and a pile of new releases inspires this week’s show!

Live Ledge #71: Cruel Summer

The longest day of the year has inspired the longest Ledge show – 44 tracks of summer-related tunes!

Live Ledge #70: Pleased to Meet Me

The 25th anniversary of the release of The Replacements’ Pleased to Meet Me is celebrated!

Live Ledge #69: I Need That Record

After two themed shows, the new releases and blog finds piled up. Tonight we unload tons of brand new music!

Live Ledge #68: More 1977

Last week’s ’77 theme went so well it just had to be repeated!

Live Ledge #67: 1977

Is 1977 the greatest year in rock ‘n’ roll? Check out this show and judge for yourself.

Live Ledge #66: Heather Hellkitten

Heather Hellkitten, host of RPR’s Morning Poo and Happy Hour With Heather Hellkitten, sits in for two hours of music and talk…and more talk!

JunkBox e09: Drugs One

Tonight on a Special Two Hour JunkBox: Drugs. You popular Cocaine, and Heroine, about do american can prescription. Colors them, frogs. Goat forget over mothers you’re Marijuana, Crack, of and and find do abuse. Hash, From about you the bear … Continue reading

Live Ledge #65: Whine-Free

The goal was simple – to make it through an entire show without whining. Did I succeed?

Live Ledge #64: RIP Adam Yauch

Besides a tribute to Adam Yauch from the Beasties, we celebrate Link Wray’s birthday and preview a ton of upcoming releases.

Live Ledge #63: Gorman Bechard

Author/director Gorman Bechard appears to talk about his upcoming Grant Hart documentary, along with updates on Color Me Obsessed and his Archers of Loaf concert movie.

Live Ledge #62: 3 Deaths & a Dummy

Much happened in the music world this week, and Hudson covers them all tonight!

Live Ledge #61: Silly Rock News

This was one strange week in rock news, and host Scott Hudson covered them all!

Live Ledge #60: 1987 (Again)

Scott once again goes back a half-life for songs from a decadent year.

Live Ledge #58: Kickstarter

Besides a setlist of primarily new finds, there’s also a discussion of the Kickstarter fund for a documentary on Grant Hart.

Live Ledge #57: Paddy O’Ledge

The perfect soundtrack to your St. Patrick’s Day festivities!

Live Ledge #55: RIP Davy Jones

Recently deceased Monkees singer Davy Jones is the focus of part of the show, along with a birthday tribute to Lou Reed.

The Ledge #88: Philly Punk With Angry Hugo

Michael Gibbons, aka AngryHugo, schools Mr. Hudson on Philly punk and indie rock.

Live Ledge #54: Get Well Slim!

A busy show – besides a tribute to former MC5 bassist Michael Davis there’s lots of time devoted to wishing former Replacements guitarist Slim Dunlap a speedy recovery.

Live Ledge #53: Rawk!

Shocking more than a few people, Hudson cranks up the amps tonight for lots of pure RAWK!

The Ledge #87: Mike Virus and Punk Aid

Evacuate leader Mike Virus this week’s guest, discussing not only his life in music but the situation in Indonesia that has led to the benefit compilation Punk Aid.

Live Ledge #52: Valentine Girls

Besides a setlist of nothing but songs about girls, this week’s Live Ledge discusses the future of the show.