Red Red Wine On A Sunday #373 - Wild As I Wanna Be (Replacement Version)

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #373 – Wild As I Wanna Be (Replacement Version)

Favorites – yeah I got a few and so do you!  Some Punk, Mod, Singer / Songwriter and Rockabilly tonite…..

Here’s the Playlist:

Rumble Intro
Rumble on the Beach
Rumble On The Beach – The Early Years 

Your Favorite Thing
Creation 7″

Teenage Lobotomy
Rocket To Russia

The Guns of Brixton
The Clash
London Calling

I Got A Woman
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley

Wild Cat
Gene Vincent And The Blue Caps
Gene Vincent Greatest

(I Though I Heard A) Heartbeat
The Inmates
Shot In The Dark

She’s So Fine
The Easybeats
Definite Collection
Suggested by Darren

Around The Plynth
Small Faces
First Step

Wild As I Wanna Be (Replacement Version)
Paul Westerberg
Open Season

Alex Chilton
19 Years: A Collection Of Alex Chilton 1978-1987 

Strawberry Fist Cake
Veronica at the Bar
Veronica​/​At The Bar (Single)

Fire fire
Mary Bell
Mary Bell
Suggested by Kate

You’ll Get Yours
No Echo

Alex Loggia

High Horse
The Laissez Fairs
High Horse b/w Higher Than You’d Meant To Go (Free digital) single

Sweet Life
The Beaches
Late Show

Kat O’ Nine Tails
Bob Butfoy

Whitehouse Road
Tyler Childers
Suggested by Jer

Run to the City
Ted Leo
The Hanged Man
Suggested by Greg

Holiday in Cambodia
Dead Kennedys
IRS 7″

Bad In Bed
White Trash Debutantes
Alternative Tentacles 7″

Beat Surrender
The Jam
Polydor 7″

Happy Jack
The Who
MCA 7″

Rockabilly Rebel
Ray Campi And His Rockabilly Rebels
Radar 7″

Rockabilly Rebel
Magnet 7″

Glad I’m A Girl
Penelope Houston
Iloki 7″

Shabby Doll
Elvis Costello And The Attractions
French F-Beat 7″

Blue Hotel
Chris Isaak
Warner 7″

Clips on the Show:

Joe Strummer Interview
Radio London “Whoopee” Zinger
Alex Chilton Interview
Simple Choice
KSO Val Air Hop Promo
Elvis Costello Interview

Instrumental Break Music (all from Man or Astro-Man 7″ers):

High Wire 
Time Bomb
Transmissions From Venus

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Next Week, the subject is The Brain!

In 2 weeks, we get to The Heart of the matter.

If you have any songs to contribute, please e-mail me at:


Jake's Inferno Episode 367

Jake’s Inferno Episode 367

Second show of the year and the six string attacks are loud and obnoxious! You’ll find some punk, alternative, grindcore, hard rock and hardcore on this week’s episode. Hope you like it.

DftUnderground Episode 369

DftUnderground Episode 369

Ryan Kollin, Lauren Ross, and Nicole Von Haack get down this week to talk shit about down and dirty DIY punk touring as we just got back from our month on the road with SKULL CASTER. Then on the second half of the show we review the authenticity of a h…

KPunk 168

KPunk 168

  1. Alkaline Trio – You’re Dead
  2. Replacements – I Hate Music
  3. Dopamines – Dave Wipfler
  4. Lemuria – Christine Perfect
  5. Jawbreaker – Down
  6. Arrivals – Fat of the Land
  7. Ramones – Mental Hell
  8. Sloane Peterson – Impression
  9. Camp Cope – Done
  10. Wreck Of The Zephyr – Candy and Poppy
  11. Wonk Unit – Guts
  12. Worriers – The Possibility
  13. Petaka – Bombardir
  14. Descendents – Testosterone
  15. Macho Boys – Victim to Blame
  16. Drakulas – Neon Town


Jake's Inferno Episode 366

Jake’s Inferno Episode 366

2018! Looking forward to a lot of great gigs, a bit of travelling and giving you dear listener a weekly dose of cool music. On the playlist this time around you’ll find some punk, hard rock, r & b, sludge metal, hardcore and heavy metal. 

Dying Scene Radio – Episode 4 – Band Spotlight: Spanish Love Songs

Dying Scene Radio – Episode 4 – Band Spotlight: Spanish Love Songs

Welcome to 2018, comrades! In case you were wondering, Bob’s resolution for this new year is to tighten up his editing time frames so that we’re not playing Christmas themed songs in January and Anarchopunk is pretty much perfect, so he has nothing to improve upon, thus no resolutions were established. We’re really hoping that your new year’s resolution was to listen to more punk news podcasts! If so, you’re really gonna dig this one! In this installment, we’re featuring a menagerie of international punk bands.  We’ve got French punks, British punks, South African punks, Canadian punks and we even sprinkled in some American punks with an interview from the Los Angeles based grouch punk act, Spanish Love Songs. All of this and more in Episode Four of the new and improved Dying Scene Radio!!

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more news, updates, show & fest pics and articles!

*Let us know what you think at dyingsceneradio@dyingscene.com


Episode 4 Playlist

Stupid Stupid Henchmen – “Internal Struggles Of Rebellion”

**Bossman Dave’s Solid Gold Lock of the Week  – Monday Morning Justice – “Molotov Politics”

Guerilla Poubelle – “En Marche”

Ducking Punches – “Sobriety”

The Anti-Queens – “Read My Mind”

Backtrack – “War”

The Duvtons – “Jerry Springer Question Time”

LATTE+ – “It’s Ok For Us”

Spanish Love Songs – “Buffalo, Buffalo”

No State – “Shiner”

Total Massacre – “War on Christmas (World is Over)”

Grenadiers – “Panic Attack”


Links to Featured News Stories

Ducking Punches stream song off of upcoming album

Direct Hit working on new album

Posers break up :(

TSOL has announced a West Coast Tour for 2018

Glassjaw has a new album coming and they released an advanced music video for the single “Shira”

The New Adventures of The Offspring scripted podcast is a thing you didn’t know about

Hot Water Music’s Chris Wollard taking time off – Hot H20 Interview up at DS

We Did This DIY label from South Africa debuted a comp / NHK releases documentary on Punk in Myanmar

14 Soda Punx compilation released and Seattle Pop Punk Fest is coming up

New Record Labels all over the place! A Jam, Heliarc, No Affiliation

Protest the Hero announce Fortress tour

Green Day releases music video for “2000 light Years Away”

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #372 - What the Gym Couldn't Do

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #372 – What the Gym Couldn’t Do

It’s the Best of 17 show!Here’s the Playlist:Cooking Up Trouble First Base Not That BadWhat the Gym Couldn’t Do Dry Wood Garage http://drywoodgarage.bandcamp.comJesus Loves You Bash & Pop Anything Could HappenKeep On Rockin Suede Razors Razor Stomp…

Jake's Inferno Episode 365 - Best of 2017

Jake’s Inferno Episode 365 – Best of 2017

It’s that time again! My annual top ten countdown of the best albums. Did your favorite record make the list? There’s only one way too find out… Thanks for listening and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #346 – Y-O-U

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #346 – Y-O-U

December 27, 2017. Tonight’s show had a theme…Y-O-U! ‘Cuz it’s all about you, and you and you and you…the listener! Back next week with my “Songs That Rocked 2017″ show! Turn it up! Live from New York, Wednesday nights at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right! Subscribe to podcast HERE … Continue reading Tommy Unit LIVE!! #346 – Y-O-U

Jake's Inferno Episode 364

Jake’s Inferno Episode 364

Christmas is right around the corner and I’ve filled the stocking with kick ass tunes that has NOTHING to do with the aforementioned season. On the playlist this week you’ll find some punk, sleaze, r&b, garage, alternative and thrash. Also, don’t miss the next Inferno when I’ll be spinning tunes from what I consider to be the best albums of 2017. 

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #345 – Krampus Holiday Spectacular!

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #345 – Krampus Holiday Spectacular!

December 20, 2017. Tonight we brought it live from the Rockefeller Plaza Xmas Tree in New York City! The Tommy Unit LIVE!! Krampus Holiday Spectacular! A boy, his laptop, and a USB mic! Turn it up! Live from New York, Wednesday nights at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right! Subscribe … Continue reading Tommy Unit LIVE!! #345 – Krampus Holiday Spectacular!

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #370 - Another Girl, Another Planet

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #370 – Another Girl, Another Planet

Time to get up and pull back the Covers!  Got some from the Smithereens (RIP Pat Dinizio), The Kinks, Mouse and the Traps, The Shods, Beach Slang and the Mats (of course…..)Here’s the Playlist:Blackberry Way Cheap Trick We’re All Alright!Suggest…

Jake's Inferno Episode 363

Jake’s Inferno Episode 363

Trying to piece together my top ten list for 2017, but you’ll have to wait a couple of episodes before I reveal what I consider to be the best releases of the year. In the meantime there’s a healthy dose of punk, hardcore, sleaze, stoner rock, alternat…

DftUnderground Episode 368

DftUnderground Episode 368

Dick Lucas of the Subhumans, Citizen Fish, and Culture Shock gets down to talk about the intersection of politics and punk: past, present, and future. Plus we talk about his legendary bands and also manage to squeeze in a healthy dose of shit talking. 

Plus we listen to tunes from Subhumans, Citizens Fish, Culture Shock, Dragged In, Alouth, and All Torn Up!

KPunk 167

KPunk 167

  1. Heelwalkers – Open Season
  2. Jawbreaker – Equalized
  3. Otoboke Beaver – Love Is Short
  4. Pink Mink – Hidden Beach
  5. Dopamines – Everybody Dies
  6. Dirty Nil – Wrestle Yü to Hüsker Dü
  7. Bad Cop/Bad Cop – Like, Seriously?
  8. Parasite Diet – He Could Be the One
  9. Ramones – I Remember You
  10. Cock Sparrer – One by One
  11. Youth Brigade – Spies for Life
  12. Buck Biloxi and The Fucks – You Can’t Tell Me Shit
  13. Cyanide Pills – My Baby’s Become a Right Wing Extremist
  14. Ted Leo – You’re Like Me


Red Red Wine On A Sunday #369 - The Ledge

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #369 – The Ledge

Having a Rockin’ Breakfast with a little help from The Clash, Bowie and the Mats!Here’s the playlist:Oh ! You Pretty Things David Bowie Hunky DoryOgnir’s Nut Gone Frosted Flaykes Jake Starr and the Delicious Fullness Tastes Good! Suggested by Kate…

Redox #110 - Saturday Night Special

Redox #110 – Saturday Night Special

Originally Posted 10/3/11All covers on the latest Red Red Wine On A Sunday – yes it is episode #110 and every 10 episodes the art of the cover song is exploredHere’s the Playlist:Private AffairThe BronxBats!Suggested by Jake of Jake’s InfernoPleas…

Redox  #109 - Talent Show (Demo)

Redox #109 – Talent Show (Demo)

Posted on 9/26/11″Dear diary, my teen angst bullshit has got a bodycount” – one of my favorite lines from the 1989 black comedy “Heathers”. Tonite – the music revolves around the themes of that classic movie. Pills, Love, Suicide, Irony.Here’s the Play…

Redox #108 - Hangin' Downtown (Live)

Redox #108 – Hangin’ Downtown (Live)

Originally posted on 9/19/11Pinball – one of my favorite pastimes. From the looks of the photo above, the Ramones spent some time flipping the Silverball too. Tonite – it’s the second Pinball show – 21 slices of pinball inspired goodness.Here’s the Pla…

Jake's Inferno Episode 362

Jake’s Inferno Episode 362

Almost done with my X-mas shopping so I might as well spend time doing something a little more fun, like this podcast. You’ll find some hardcore, hard rock, thrash, country, post-punk, alternative and crossover on this week’s playlist. Hope it entertains you!  

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #368 - Anything Could Happen

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #368 – Anything Could Happen

It’s Lunch Time!  Got some Green Jelly, Mats and Dog Party in the sack

Here’s the Playlist:

I Need Lunch
Dead Boys
Young, Loud and Snotty
Suggested by John 

The Replacements
All For Nothing/Nothing For All

D Generation
No Lunch

Out To Lunch
Navy Blues
Suggested by Jer

Rockaway Beach
Rocket To Russia

Wot’s for Lunch Mum
The Shapes
Underground Punk & Post-Punk In The UK 77-81, Vol. 2 

A Growing Boy Needs His Lunch
Dead Kennedys

Lunch Hour
Skip & Flip
Delicious Doo-Wop & Tasty Treats

Pump Up The Volume Soundtrack

Fish Taco
Betty Blowtorch
Last Call

El Pizza
The Grill Can’t Help It 

Pizza Girl
Jeremy Porter & The Tucos
Partner In Crime

Pepperoni Eyes
Personal and the Pizzas
Raw Pie

Peanut Butter Dream
Dog Party

Potato Chip
The Shadow of Knights
Pebbles Vol. 1

Pearl’s Cafe
The Specials
More Specials

Sometimes I Wantcha For Your Money
Young Fresh Fellows
The Estrus Lunch Bucket

Married Man’s A Fool
Ry Cooder
Paradise And Lunch
Suggested by Boyd

Down Under
Leftöver Crack
Fat Wreck Records Soundcloud
Suggested by Darren

What Is Wrong With Your Mind
Mark Porkchop Holder
Death And The Blues
Thanks Tony!

Anything Could Happen
Bash & Pop
Anything Could Happen

Cordless Kids
The Bronx
Bronx (V)

JD McPherson
Undivided Heart and Soul

This Guitar Of Mine
First Base
Not That Bad

You’re Alright
Hot Lunch
Who Can You Trust? 7″

Rock N’ Roll Radio
Phono Select Records 7″

Hey, Pizza
The New Rochelles
Lost Youth 7″

Green Jelly Theme Song
Green Jellÿ
Zoo 7″

Clips tonight:

Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Naked Lunch 
Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle
Rock And Roll high School

Instrumental Break Music:

Hot Lunch    Monkey

Jam Sandwich     Eddie Cochran
Taco Wagon     The De-Fenders

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Next week, the subject is Breakfast.

In 2 weeks, it’s time for some Covers.

If you have any songs to contribute, please e-mail me at:


Jake's Inferno Episode 361

Jake’s Inferno Episode 361

Long live Pickwick, the best bar in town! Just had to get that off my chest. Little late with this episode, but it’s tricky getting it done sometimes. On the playlist this time around you’ll find some punk, pub rock, metal, garage, alternative, hard ro…

DftUnderground Episode 367

DftUnderground Episode 367

Jayne from the Brooklyn TransCore band Trashy is back…this time we talk about her work as a punk on a farm and then we talk about her work in the rink…as a member of Gotham Girls Roller Derby. We talk a ton of shit and Jayne sets my mind right as I sound like a sprayed shitbag for the first and I am sure last time in my life I may have actually been wrong about something. 

PLUS we listen to Jayne’s band TRASHY and I play a tune from my band SKULL CASTER’s newly released album…which we will be touring down the WEST COAST AND SOUTH WEST of the US to support…and we will be playing with some of the best bands out there, including DAYS N DAZE, so I play my fav song of theirs. AND we also play my fav. INTERRUPTERS tune. 

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #367 - I Will Dare

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #367 – I Will Dare

It’s Dinner Time on the show this week with some Dirtbombs, Bottle Rockets and a bit of FEAR

Here’s the Playlist:

The TV Dinner Song
The Slackers
The Great Rocksteady Swindle 
Suggested by Boyd

Sweet Potato
Kerosene Hat

Meat And Potatoes
Have Another Beer With Fear

Nick Lowe
Chicken and Feathers
The Abominable Showman

Chicken Back
King Salami and the Cumberland Three
Fourteen Blazin’ Bangers!!

I Will Dare
Paul Westerberg
“A Lot Of Songs – Not For Sale”The Troubador 9-17-96

Chicken Voodoo Blues
The Creeping Ivies
Your New Favourite Garage Band

Those Fabulous Sixties
National Lampoon ‎
Greatest Hits Of The National Lampoon

Granny’s Little Chicken
The Dirtbombs
Horndog Fest

Diggin’ My Potatoes
Big Bill Broonzy & Washboard Sam
The Blues History

Dinner Train to Dutchtown
The Bottle Rockets

Soup Line
Leon D. Tarver & The Chordones
Catch The Windy City Harmonizers “Unreleased & Rare” Vol. 4

Rice Is Nice

Poison Flour
Dr. Alimantado
Best Dressed Chicken In Town

TV Dinner
Citizen Fish
Suggested by Darren

spicy chicken
Black Jaspers
Black Jaspers

The Tony Cliftons
Dinner Bell
The Tony Cliftons Are Ruining Everything
Suggested by Noland

Calm Before The Storm
Single from as yet untitled album
Suggested by Kate

The Shorts

Scream If You Wanna Go Faster
The Dukes Of Bordello
Lowdown ‘N’ Dirty

The Tent Show
Whiteside’s Daughter
Don’t Take the Mark (single)

Don’t Worry…
Jeremy Porter & The Tucos
Don’t Worry, It’s Not Contagious

The Pack A.D.

Chicken Wine
Electric Six
How Dare You

Pork and Beans
Interscope Red Vinyl 7″

A Handful Of Rice
Red Foley
Decca 7″

Good Soup
The Measure [sa]
Los Diaper Records ‎7″

Let’s Turkey Trot
Little Eva
Atlantic 7″

I Will Dare
The Replacements
Rhino / Twin Tone 7″

Christmas Dinner Country Style
Bing Crosby
Capitol 7″

Clips tonight:


Super Size Me
Cannibal Girls

Instrumental Break Music:

Sunday Dinner     Big Jay McNeely

The Chicken Twist     Danny Amis and Lost Acapulco
Run Chicken Run      Mono Men

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Next week, Lunch is served!

In 2 weeks, the subject is Breakfast.

If you have any songs to contribute, please e-mail me at:


Tommy Unit LIVE!! #342 – Thankful

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #342 – Thankful

November 22, 2017. Tonight’s show was all about things I’m thankful for…radio, beer, cats, rock’n’roll, weed and friends! Turn it up! Live from New York, Wednesday nights at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done Right! Subscribe to podcast HERE PLAYLIST: Descendents – Thank You Bullet Proof Lovers – I Am My … Continue reading Tommy Unit LIVE!! #342 – Thankful

KPunk 166

KPunk 166

Ramones – Somebody Put Something In My Drink Dopamines – Kaltes Ende Bad Cop/Bad Cop – Sugarcane Zatopeks – Some Town In Northern France Low Culture – Shake It Off Needles//Pins – Violet Worriers – Self Esteemed Petaka – Sebuah Dedikasi Sex Pistols -…

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #366 - Remember

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #366 – Remember

It’s 1986 – all over again.  The Replacements, Husker Du, Mike Tyson and Max Headroom!

Here’s the Playlist:

What’s Inside a Girl?
The Cramps
A Date With Elvis

The Judge
Soul Asylum
While You Were Out

Can’t Hardly Wait (Live at Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ, 2/4/86)
The Replacements
For Sale: Live at Maxwell’s 1986

Animal Tracks
Harem Scarem
Pilgrim’s Progress
Suggested by Kate

I Against I
Bad Brains
I Against I
Suggested by Darren

Greetings To The New Brunette
Billy Bragg
Talking With The Taxman About Poetry

(She Was A) Hotel Detective (live)
They Might Be Giants
First Album Live
Suggested by Boyd

The Neighborhoods
“…The High Hard One…”

Don’t Know You Anymore
Concrete Pillbox

Morgan James
YouTube Sessions
Suggested by Collena

The Smithereens
Especially for You

Bar Room Fantasy
The Adventures of the Krewmen

Steve Martin
Little Shop Of Horrors – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Now I Know
Thee Mighty Caesars
Acropolis Now

September Gurls
The Bangles
Different Light
Suggested by Jer

I Don’t Know for Sure
Hüsker Dü
Candy Apple Grey

Somebody Put Something In My Drink
Animal Boy

Patty’s Not Impressed
Jeremy Porter & The Tucos
Don’t Worry, It’s Not Contagious

The Stanleys
The Stanleys

First Base
Not That Bad

Future Mixtape For The Art Kids
Beach Slang
We Were Babies & We Were Dirtbags [Quiet Slang] 7″

Hats Off
The Professionals
What In The World

Chris Mars
Note To Self

I Miss Joe Summer
Mutha Luvin Chimps
The Unusual Suspects

Battleship Chains
Georgia Satellites
Elektra 7″

Brand New Hairdo
Elvis Costello
Columbia 7″

Everywhere I Go
The Call
Elektra 7″

Gimme Shades
Max Headroom
Chrysalis 7″

Black Jack
The Raunch Hands
Relativity 7″

Real Wild Child
Iggy Pop
UK A&M 7″

Have A Drink On Me
Atlantic 7″

Clips tonight:

Ferris Beuhler’s Day Off
Blue Velvet
Something Wild

Instrumental Break Music:

The Big V    Big Audio Dynamite

Purple Girl     The Chills
Hey Whew     Evan Johns and the H Bombs

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Next week, It’s Dinner time.

In 2 weeks, Lunch is served!

If you have any songs to contribute, please e-mail me at:


Jake's Inferno Episode 360

Jake’s Inferno Episode 360

Sunday funday? I think not. The weather’s crap, Malcolm Young died yesterday and I’m almost out of milk. There IS a new episode of the Inferno available though and it’s a mixed bag (as usual) consisting of punk, hard rock, garage, alternative, hip hop and hardcore. 

Redox #107 - Something To Du

Redox #107 – Something To Du

Originally posted 9/22/111981 – MTV, Night Flight, The Delorean, Raiders of The Lost Arc, The PC, The Ramones, Elvis Costello and The Meteors – what a great year. Got the RRWOAS Time Machine coordinates set for 30 years ago!Here’s the Playlist:1981757′…

DftUnderground Episode 366

DftUnderground Episode 366

Roger Walsh gets down this week to talk about his band Knucklehead’s new series of concept albums. We talk about being underground artists and the struggle to write and produce a record you are proud of with all the pressures and limitations that press upon us. And we talk a fair amount of shit as well. Plus we listen to a bunch of tunes from Knucklehead.

Redox #106 - Unsatisfied (Live)

Redox #106 – Unsatisfied (Live)

Originally posted 9/5/11

It’s time to catch the red eye to London. On the tour tonight, we will be stopping off at Soho, Chelsea and Carnaby street. Be careful with the ale, as you don’t want to end up in the London Dungeon.
Here’s the Playlist:

Carnaby Street
The Jam
Direction Reaction Creation

London You’re a Lady
The Pogues
Peace and Love

Suggested by Boyd

White Riot
The Clash
The Clash

Inner London Violence
Bad Manners
Dance Craze – Two Tone compilation

Maybe It’s Because I’m a Londoner
The Business
Under The Influence

London Boys
Johnny Thunders
So Alone

Suggested by Tim Pop of TimPopLive

London Town
The Pretty Things
Get The Picture

The Wine Bars Of Old Hampstead Town
Alexei Sayle

London Girls
Pure Mania

Suggested by Joe of the Best Table in Hell

London Breeze
Art School
3 Close Mates

Suggested by El of Cassettes and Chocolate Milk

London Rocker
Screaming Lord Sutch
Meteors Meet Screamin Lord Sutch

Suggested by Noland

Fountains Of Wayne
Out-Of-State Plates

London Dungeon
The Misfits

Suggested by Jake of Jake’s Inferno

One Hundred Punks
Generation X
Generation X

Perfect Sound Forever - the Replacements at the Mean Fiddler – London, 6/1/86

Unsatisfied (Live)
The Replacements
Simply Unacceptable

Waterloo Sunset
Ray Davies and Damon Albarm
This Is Where I Belong (The Songs Of Ray Davies & The Kinks)

Quarles Harrris Ruby Port

(I Don’t Want To Go To) Chelsea
Elvis Costello
UK Warner 7″

The Flys

London Lady
The Stranglers
UK United Artists 7″

The Roadette Song
UK Lucky 7″

My review of the single from last January

Ruby Soho
Epitath 7″

London Calling
The Clash
UK Columbia 7″

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Jake's Inferno Episode 359

Jake’s Inferno Episode 359

Took a break from building Lego with my daughter to post this brand new episode packed with high octane tunes. On the playlist this week you’ll find some punk, stoner rock, power pop, garage, southern rock and a ditty from 1949(!) with the late great F…

Dying Scene Radio – Episode 3 – Band Spotlight: People Corrupting People

Dying Scene Radio – Episode 3 – Band Spotlight: People Corrupting People

In this installment of the new and improved Dying Scene Radio, Anarchopunk heads down to the beach to meet up with Colorado’s only Orwellian punk band, People Corrupting People to smoke some weed, talk about their new EP Loan Shark and frolic in the sun! While we don’t typically endorse frolicking, we let it slide this once for a chance to talk to the Mile High Punks. If that don’t wet your whistle, how’s about we rustle ya’ up some noteworthy news stories and some blazing hot new music?? All that and more in Episode 3 of Dying Scene Radio, the official podcast of Dying Scene!!

Head over to our Facebook and Instagram for more news, updates, show & fest pics and articles!

*Let us know what you think at dyingsceneradio@dyingscene.com


Episode 3 Playlist

Fitness – “Road Lizard”

**Bossman Dave’s SGLoTW**  Piffbreak Arcade – “Flawed Design”

Danvers – “Open Fire, Lou”

Transplants – “Won’t Be Coming Back”

Emmer Effer – “Pick a Hand”

Peruvian Necktie – “That’s All She Wrote”

Undertipper – “Green Paper”

Forever Unclean! “Dinosaur”

People Corrupting People – “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”

DFMK – “No Me Gusta Chavela Vargas”

Sciatic Nerve – “Buy a Horse”

Lashing Fred – “Exactly Not The Same”


Links to Featured News Stories

Transplants announce release new EP of cover songs

Tim Armstrong to appear in upcoming film, I’ll Be Around

Lillingtons new album

The Flatliners announce anniversary tour

88 Fingers Louie announce new 7”

Decent Criminal new LP Bloom

Pennywise announces new album (Offspring too)

Against Me! Covers Tom Petty

NOFX/Bad Religion Tour imminent 

Groezrock taking a year off

Margate calls it quits :(

Allout Helter new album out via Bird Attack

Emmer Effer new LP

Jake's Inferno Episode 358

Jake’s Inferno Episode 358

Off to eat lunch in Copenhagen today, it doesn’t get much better than that. I might just download my own damn podcast for the short trip and hear how it turned out. On the playlist this week you’ll find some punk, death metal, zydeco, grunge, psychobil…

Redox #105 - Lookin' Out Forever

Redox #105 – Lookin’ Out Forever

Originally posted 8/22/11Sunday – my favorite day of the week and this week’s episode is centered around that day.Here’s the Playlist:Tequila SundaeUrge OverkillSaturationSuggested by Tom TSee You On SundayThe CharmsGreece Goes Modern Vol.1Suggested by…

Redox #104 - Stain Yer Blood

Redox #104 – Stain Yer Blood

Originally posted 8/15/11Chrissie Hynde and Chris Spedding (London 1976)All about the Pretenders tonite – I’ve got influences, contemporaries and bands that the Pretenders influenced.Here’s the Playlist:Mystery AchievementPretendersThe PretendersSugges…

DftUnderground Episode 365

DftUnderground Episode 365

Christine Kim gets down to talk about her non-profit My Dog is My Home which helps homeless humans and their pets, she also happens to be my wife so she talks a ton of shit about me too. 

PLUS we listen to The Minutemen, Toys that Kill, and Marine Corpse

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #365 - Waitress In The Sky (Live at Maxwell's)

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #365 – Waitress In The Sky (Live at Maxwell’s)

Bondage, Leather, Whips, Furs, Latex, Masters and Slaves – all about Fetishes tonight!Here’s the Playlist:Oh Bondage (Up Yours)X-Ray Spex Punk You Vol. 1Vinyl Fetishists 45 Adapters Patriots Not FoolsWaitress in the Sky (Live at Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ…

Redox #103 - Meant To Be

Redox #103 – Meant To Be

Originally posted 8/8/11Vacations – ya gotta love ‘em. This week on Red Red Wine On A Sunday that is the subject and I’ve got 19 slices of holiday goodness to get you in the mood.Here’s the Playlist:VacationRichard X. HeymanShake Some Action vol 4Take …

Swamp Jacuzzi Episode 81

Swamp Jacuzzi Episode 81

itunes pic
Gin Gillette- Train To Satanville
LaVern Baker- Voodoo Voodoo
Round Robin- I’m A Wolfman
Dusty Springfield- Spooky
Eartha Kitt- I’d Rather Be Burned As A Witch
Norma Tenega- You’re Dead
Ralph Nielson & The Chancellors- Scream!!
Jim Stafford- Swamp Witch
Archie King- He’s A Vampire
Satan’s Breed- Laugh Myself To The Grave
The Moontrekkers- Night Of The Vampire
Satan’s Pilgrims- Haunted House Of Rock
Screaming Lord Sutch- Dracula’s Daughter
Terry Teene- Curse Of The Hurse
Jimmy Minor- Satan’s Chauffer
Mark “Porkchop” Holder- Coffin Lid
The Toxenes- Electric Shock
Lost Kids- Watch Out For Spiders
The Bloody Hollies- I Dream Of Bees
The Swinging Neckbreakers- No Costume, No Candy

Jake's Inferno Episode 357

Jake’s Inferno Episode 357

Seeing four shows in three different countries in eleven days takes its toll. It’s been almost two weeks since the last Inferno and for that I apologize. This time the playlist consists of punk, hard rock, speed metal, alternative, blues, garage and a wee bit of rapping.  

KPunk 165: We Got You Covered

KPunk 165: We Got You Covered

The Sixteenth All-Covers Episode:

  1. Dopamines – Quality Of Armor
  2. Pink Mink – Kids Don’t Follow
  3. Riverboat Gamblers – Hate the Police
  4. T Experience – Pleasant Valley Sunday
  5. Minor Threat – Steppin’ Stone
  6. Ramones – Somebody To Love
  7. Ghost Knife – Frat Cars
  8. Dopamines – Heartbeaten By The Police
  9. Subtle Pills – In The City
  10. Ergs! – Linus & Lucy
  11. Jigsaw Seen – The Best Is yet to Come (Alternate Version)
  12. Jello Biafra – House of the Rising Sun
  13. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – Redemption Song
  14. Lemmy – It’s A Long Way To The Top


Turbojugend Radio Episode 36: The Turbojugend Life-Cycle

Turbojugend Radio Episode 36: The Turbojugend Life-Cycle

itunes pic
Turbojugend for lIfe – or isn´t it? TJR picks up this topic with PanDaemon (TJ SATANIKA) and talks about how Turbojugend-life can be managed in any real real life cycle. Education (other than the one at Dungaree High), job (other than hand-, blow- or rim) and even marriage (no other) or kids (other than NAMBLA) -it´s all possible and can be done. You CAN live TJ life forever – if your body lets you. TJ Radio tells you exactly how.

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #364 - Hayday (Live at Maxwell's)

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #364 – Hayday (Live at Maxwell’s)

Feeling Satisfied tonight with some stuff from The Who, The Stones and The Hories!Here’s the Playlist:Feelin’ Satisfied Boston Don’t Look Back(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction Guitar Wolf Planet Of The WolvesHayday The Replacements For Sale: Live at …

DftUnderground Episode 364

DftUnderground Episode 364

Jayne from Brooklyn TransCore band Trashy gets down to talk about her band and their Halloween cover band plans, and then on the second half of the show we talk about the newest American mass shooting. Jayne and I fully explain the issue better than any human ever has, and then lay out our very fair minded and well balanced gun control proposal which we fully expect the NRA will soon be endorsing as future legislation. 

PLUS we listen to tunes from Trashy, The Subhumans (U.K), and Corrupted Youth. 

Dying Scene Radio - Episode 2 - Band Spotlight: Chris Fox (Boss' Daughter & Vampirates)

Dying Scene Radio – Episode 2 – Band Spotlight: Chris Fox (Boss’ Daughter & Vampirates)

The new and improved Dying Scene Radio is back with an all new episode! In this edition, Bob drinks a NOFX beer and gives his unsolicited opinion of it and Anarchopunk tokes up with the hardest working dude in punk rock, Mr. Chris Fox in Lancaster, California. Did we mention all of the new music and scene news? Oh…well there’s tons of that, too! Put it all in yer ears!


*Let us know what you think at dyingsceneradio@dyingscene.com


Episode 2 Playlist

Big Brother – “Straight Outta Ontario”

*Bossman Dave’s Solid Gold Lock of the Week* Slow Faction – “Under Heavy Manners”

24 Hour Punks – “Stand”

The Fullers – “Tomorrow”

Such Gold – “Ceiling Stare”

Wasted Potential – “Jazz Age”

Shirley D. Pressed – “Resolution”

*DS Exclusive Premiere* Chris Fox – “Drunken Smiles”

Sombulance – “Lessons Lost”

Abolitionist – “Surrounded by Everyone”

Fare Game – “Brick Thick”


Links to Featured News Stories

Fest/Pre-Fest schedules are up

Bombpops Cross the pond for a Euro tour

The Penske File is trekking across the Great White North on tour

GBH has a new album looming and their streaming a few of the new songs early

Swingin’ Utters guitarist, Darius Koski has a new country/folk punk album What Was Once Is By and Gone coming out

Tons of tracks from the new Propagandhi album are streaming

Celtic/polka punks The Dreadnaughts release new album

Legendary post hardcore act, Quicksand Returns

Incredible, new Hot Water Music album gets a 4/5 by our review team. 

Frank Turner working on a new album

Chinese hardcore punks Demerit are touring the West Coast

Such Gold announce new EP on Bird Attack and stream one of the tracks

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #363 - Otto

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #363 – Otto

Crazy, Psychotic, Wacked – aren’t we all.  That is the subject tonight – plus a little Nicholson.Here’s the Playlist:Half Way To Crazy The Jesus & Mary Chain AutomaticBaby You Crazy Nick Curran & the Lowlifes Reform School GirlOtto (Live a…

Jake's Inferno Episode 356

Jake’s Inferno Episode 356

Got back from Cologne yesterday after seeing Hard-Ons tear it up at Sonic Ballroom, such a great gig! No tunes by them on this episode but plenty of punk, thrash, soul, crossover, hard rock, d-beat and alternative to fill that empty beer cup of yours.

Redox #102 - Skyway

Redox #102 – Skyway

1987 – the Unabomber, the Simpsons, Cheers, Full Metal Jacket, Dinosaur Jr. and the Replacements – what a year.

Here’s the Playlist:

She Floated Away
Hüsker Dü
Warehouse: Songs and Stories

In A Jar
Dinosaur Jr.
You’re Living All Over Me

Aphrodisiac Jacket
The Cult

Suggested by Tom of Bomb Out! Radio

Rocket Machine
OpalHappy Nightmare BabySuggested by John

That Girl
Laughing Hyenas
Merry Go Round

The Replacements
Pleased To Meet Me

Livin In A Hut
Goo Goo Dolls
Goo Goo Dolls

Bullshit Summer Song
Lazy Cowgirls
Tapping The Source

Taint Pluribus Taint Unum
Suggested by Joe of the Best Table in Hell

Colombian Necktie
Big Black
Songs About Fucking
Suggested by Tim Pop of 
The Last Days of Man on Earth Blog

I Ain’t Ever Satisfied
Steve Earle & the Dukes
Steve Earle & the Dukes
Suggested by Boyd

For The Singer Of R.E.M.

Maps And Legends (live)
IRS 7″

Painted Moon
The Silencers
RCA 7″

A&M 7″
Suggested by Noland

Don’t Let’s Start
They Might Be Giants
Australian Rough Trade 7″

April Skies
The Jesus & Mary Chain
Blanco Y Negro 7″

Way Out
The La’s
Go! Discs 7″

Blue Hotel
Chris Isaak
Warner 7″

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KPunk 164

KPunk 164

Jawbreaker- Want Needles//Pins – Miracle Zatopeks- Turkish Bread Chronicle Rebel Riot – Stop racism, Against 969, Fuck fascist monks No U Turn – Lanthaye shar ta nay yar Dopamines – Ire Wire – Please Take Crime – If Looks Could Kill Ramones -Hair of …

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #362 - Take Me Down To The Hospital (Live)

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #362 – Take Me Down To The Hospital (Live)

Yes, an Icon has passed and eight years have passed since the start of this little show.  I celebrate both tonight…..

Here’s the Playlist:

Straight Into Darkness
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Long After Dark

Eight Miles High
Husker Du
Eight Miles High 7″

Take Me Down to the Hospital
The Replacements
For Sale: Live at Maxwell’s 1986

Eight Miles Low
Cheap Trick
Cheap Trick:  Cheap Trick 1997

Date At Eight
Ray King
Teenage Party

Backyard Babies
Total 13

Eight Hour Day
Pete Seeger
American Industrial Ballads

Apa State Metal
Apa State Mental
The Reunited Heavy Metal States of Apa State Mental
Suggested by Kate

Kiss Off
Violent Femmes
Violent Femmes

 A Wish Away
Wonder Stuff
The Eight Legged Groove Machine

The Heels
Suggested by Joe

Wrong ‘Em Boyo
The Clash
London Calling

Volcano Girls
Veruca Salt
Eight Arms to Hold You

302 Cubic Inch V-8 Powered Blues
Super Sound Racing
Suggested by Jake

The Fine and the Weak
Preacher Boy
Estate Bottled Blues
Suggested by Boyd

On My Mind
Passport – International Split Series Vol.1 – Windowsill/Horror Section Split

American Girl
The Dollyrots
American Girl (Single)

Rack of Glam
The Darkness
Pinewood Smile

Lipstick Generation
Best October 2017 Records1001

Leave Me Behind
The Two Tens
On Repeat

From A Whisper To A Scream
Elvis Costello & the Attractions
UK F Beat 7″

Crazy Eights
Tapes N Tapes
UK XL 7″

Twenty Flight Rock
Eddie Cochran
UK Rockstar 7″

You Got Lucky
The Gaslight Anthem
Mercury 7″

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Backstreet 7″

Background Music tonight:

Eight Ball     The Hustlers     
Comanche     The Revels
Strait Eight     The Boss Martians

Clips tonight:

8 Heads in a Duffelbag Trailer
Eight is enough Theme song
Hateful Eight Trailer
8mm Trailer

If you would like to Download the show in MP3 format, click the link below:

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Next week, 
we are all going Crazy!

In Two weeks, the subject is Satisfaction.

If you have any songs to contribute, please e-mail me at:


Jake's Inferno Episode 355

Jake’s Inferno Episode 355

Fall is here but it’s not all doom and gloom. Each and every week your ears get a fresh tasty filling of music for free, when listening to the Inferno. On the playlist this week there’s some punk, r & b, soul, stoner rock, hard rock, alternative and hardcore. 

Redox #101 - Silver Naked Ladies

Redox #101 – Silver Naked Ladies

Originally posted 7/5/11Ian Mclagan, Paul Westerberg, John Doe 1988The Small Faces, the Faces, Humble Pie – what do they have in common? Besides a few band members, it’s the great music that they share. Tonight on Red Red Wine On A Sunday, I play a few…

DftUnderground Episode 363

DftUnderground Episode 363

Shawn Refuse from Refuse Resist and Zero Rights gets down to talk about Refuse Resist’s ten year anniversary. On the first part of the episode we rejoice in the glory of one of Boston’s finest bands, Then on the second part of the discussion we mercilessly talk shit about our own bandmates and how lucky they obviously are to have us in their bands… I think… or vice versa, whatever. I know we definitely talked a ton of shit, that I am sure about. And we definitely commiserated, but whatever, listen and you sort it out. 

PLUS we listen to Disaster Strikes, Neighborhood Shit, Zero Rights, and of course Refuse Resist. 

Jake's Inferno Episode 354

Jake’s Inferno Episode 354

Autumn is here with pitiful temperatures and constant wind. But music can always warm chilled bones so here’s some hot stuff for ya! Punk, garage, alternative, blues, thrash and hard rock can be found on this week’s playlist.

Redox  #100 - Kiss Me On The Bus

Redox #100 – Kiss Me On The Bus

Originally posted 7/18/11Well, I made it to show #100. Time to celebrate with a bunch of covers and a ton of contributions from you, the Kind Listeners!Here’s the playlist:Let’s Spend The Night TogetherDavid BowieAladdin SaneSuggested by TimPop of&nbsp…

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #360 Gilligan's Island Theme

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #360 Gilligan’s Island Theme

All covers tonight – with a focus on the Moon!Here’s the PlaylistMongoloid Demented Are Go! Tangenital MadnessShe’s Got Everything The Romantics The RomanticsSuggested by Tom TMy Generation The Replacements 1984-12-09 CBGBsGilligan’s Island Theme The R…

Jake's Inferno Episode 353

Jake’s Inferno Episode 353

They promised sun today but all I see is rain, can’t trust the damn weathermen! The good thing about a podcast is that you can listen to it pretty much wherever you want though, so fire this baby up won’t you? There’s some punk, glam, thrash, alternati…

Dying Scene Radio Special Edition - It's Not Dead Fest

Dying Scene Radio Special Edition – It’s Not Dead Fest

In this Special Edition of the new and improved Dying Scene Radio, the boys get out of the city and head out to sweltering San Bernardino, CA for the second annual It’s Not Dead Fest. We told the new hosts that if they came back empty handed, we’d cut their funding and whaddaya know?!? It worked!  Not only did they miraculously pull off an interview with the stalwarts of ska, Buck O Nine, they also managed to somehow dupe canadian pop punk phenoms The Flatliners into talking to them! So congrats, gentlemen! For your herculean efforts your existing budget of $0 will remain in place in perpetuity. Now, get back to work! And you dear listener, enjoy the fruits of their labor! Interviews, a fantastic playlist featuring some of the many incredible acts to play the festival and much, much more!!!

* Let us know what you think at dyingsceneradio@dyingscene.com

‘It’s Not Dead’ Playlist

Wraths – “I’m a Target”

Left Alone – “Hate The Day”

Unit F – “Direct Action Now”

The Flatliners – “Human Party Trick”

Toxic Energy – “Go Away”

Buck O Nine – “I’m Not Dead”

CH3 – “Model Citizen”

DftUnderground Episode 362

DftUnderground Episode 362

Kate Hoos of Lady Bizness, Cop/Out, and Punk Island is back this week to get down and talk about her other passion photography. We talk about how music and live photography go together, and then we break down how gender impacts all of this. We walk through how women are often encouraged into the visual arts and discouraged from performative arts, how we can change that, and how we can ensure to support all the artists in our scenes whatever type of art they make. 

Plus we listen to music from Lady Bizness, Basic Bitches, Enziguri, and Trophy Wife

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #334

Tommy Unit LIVE!! #334

September 20, 2017. Started out tonight’s show with a new one from 7 Years Bad Luck! Their latest release on Monster Zero records! Played a set of favorite songs now exploited in corporate commercials, promoted TWO upcoming Live Ones shows with tunes from The Challenged, The Scutches, XL Kings, Unknown Sender and The Thunderroads (from … Continue reading Tommy Unit LIVE!! #334

Redox #99 - Color Me Impressed (July 1st, 1985 at the Seventh Street Entry)

Redox #99 – Color Me Impressed (July 1st, 1985 at the Seventh Street Entry)

Originally Posted 7/11/112011 – any good music released this year you say? Well there is a few – got 26 for you to take a test spin on.Here’s the Playlist:Born To CryBitersAll Chewed Up77The Cute LepersAdventure TimeSubprime LoveHigh Tension WiresWelco…

Redox #98 - Hootenanny

Redox #98 – Hootenanny

Originally Posted 7/3/11It’s the 4th of July Weekend and time to celebrate – got an extra long show for you this week – 29 great slices of America.Here’s The Playlist:Route 66MaraudersSo Cold: Unearthed Mid 60S Sacramento GarageThinkin’ of the USAEater…

Jake's Inferno Episode 352

Jake’s Inferno Episode 352

The weekend is coming to a close in this part of the world, but some cool tunes might just keep the blues off bay. This time around there’s some punk, hard rock, thrash, alternative and garage on the playlist. Stay loud ‘n’ proud!  

Redox #97 - First Glimmer

Redox #97 – First Glimmer

Originally posted 6/27/11

Bikes, Choppers, Cycles, Harleys, Schwinns – I cover them all tonight. Yep – 19 muscial takes on our favorite 2 wheel transportation – oh yeah and a couple of technical glitches……

Here’s the Playlist:

Blue Motorcycle Eyes
Havana 3AM
Havana 3AM

Motorcycle Ride
Let’s Go

Suggested by Noland

Digger & The Pussycats
Young, Tight and Alright

Suggested by Jake of the Jake’s Inferno Podcast

Black Denim Trousers and Motorcycle Boots
Shut Down

Suggested by nic of the nogoodmusic show

My Little Sister’s Gotta Motorbike
Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers
Our Own Way of Rockin’

Suggested by Greg of the Rock and Roll Manifesto

Motor Cycle Leather Boy
Guitar Wolf
Planet Of The Wolves

Motorcycle Mama
Rubáiyát: Elektra’s 40th Anniversary

Suggested by Draz of Music From The Farside

The Bicycles
The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly

First Glimmer
Paul Westerberg
14 Songs

Lemon Peeler
Gigolo Aunts
Flippin’ Out

My White Bicycle

Suggested by John of the Star Maps

Cross Country Atom And His Package Tour Via Bicycle
Atom & His Package
Redefining Music

Gone Ridin’
Chris Isaak
Warner 7″

Rockin’ Bicycle
Fats Domino
Imperial 7″

Bike and Chain Website

Chris Spedding

Suggested by Joe Syph of the Best Table in Hell show

Bad Motor Scooter
Warner UK 7″

Suggested by Tim of the TimPopLive show

Pink Pedal Pushers
Carl Perkins
Columbia 7″

Pedal Pushin’ Papa
Billy Ward & Dominoes
Federal 7″

Bicycle Race
Elektra 7″

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KPunk 163

KPunk 163

Pink Mink – Earthquake On The Loose Descendents – No Fat Burger Bullnettle – Animal Farm Cosmic Psychos – Bull at a Gate Ramones – Freak of Nature Thermals – St Rosa and the Swallows Blondie – Long Time Crime – Murder By Guitar Cyanide Pills – I Don’…

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #359 - Country Boy

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #359 – Country Boy

“I Was Here, But I Disappear”  - It’s all about “The Harder They Come” tonight.Here’s the Playlist:Sweet And Dandy The Maytals The Harder They ComeBurnin’ And Lootin’ The Wailers BurninWreck it Up The Ethiopians The World Goes Ska My Mom’s A …

Jake's Inferno Episode 351

Jake’s Inferno Episode 351

Easy decision to put together a new episode on a Friday night as the weather’s been dismal for days in this part of the world. I’ll get to the drinking part tomorrow in Copenhagen and with a bit of luck come home with some fresh music too. On the playlist this week you’ll find punk, alternative, stoner rock, hard rock, R&B and thrash. 

Redox #96 - Takin' A Ride

Redox #96 – Takin’ A Ride

Originally posted 6/20/11Cars – ya gotta love ‘em They haul our butts around each day and sometimes don’t get much love. Well – this week I kick the tires on 21 musical takes on four wheeled transportation.Here’s the Playlist:Jaguar RideElectric EelsTh…

DftUnderground Episode 361

DftUnderground Episode 361

Boe Rainford, Dispatches from the Underground’s official T.V. correspondent gets down on the show this week for a lil introduction. We talk about the miserable way children ruin all our lives, from dragging parents down to ruining our commutes. In celebration of the end of summer we curmudgeon the fuck out of this episode. Enjoy.

Plus we listen to some tunes by Grain Assault, After the Fall, and Joey Steel and the Attitude Adjusters

Wreckin' The Decks  03/09/2017 (Full show )

Wreckin’ The Decks 03/09/2017 (Full show )

Wreckin’ The Decks , full show from 03/09 / 2017

Redox #95 - My Dad

Redox #95 – My Dad

Originally posted 6/13/11 Fathers, Dads, Grandads, Papas, Padres – whatever ya call em – tonite’s show is dedicated to them. Chuck Berry, Paul Westerberg, Billy Bragg and Ronnie Lane help me celebrate an early Father’s Day.Here’s the Playlist:Ratt…

Jake's Inferno Episode 350

Jake’s Inferno Episode 350

Last weekend in London was a blast! Junkyard were so good and the weather was lovely too. No sleaze on this week’s episode but you will find some punk, garage, alternative, stoner rock, hard rock and a sweet tune from a cool lady who dated Elvis back i…

Redox #94 - Never Aim to Please

Redox #94 – Never Aim to Please

Originally posted 6/7/11 1966 – a great year in Music – the Sonics, ? Mark and the Mysterians, The Seeds. I’ll be playin stuff from those bands plus many more tonight as the Red Red Wine On A Sunday Time Machine heads back to 1966.Here’s the Playl…

Wreckin' The Decks  27/08/2017 (Full show )

Wreckin’ The Decks 27/08/2017 (Full show )

Full show from Sunday 27/08/2017

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #358 - Streets of Laredo

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #358 – Streets of Laredo

Blazing Saddles!  That iconic Mel Brooks Comedy – that is the subject tonite.Here’s the Playlist:Wild West Joe Jackson Big WorldStreets Of Laredo Paul Westerberg D.G.T.Cut It Out The Peckham Cowboys 10 Tales from the Gin PalaceSuggested by KateGun…

Jake's Inferno Episode 349

Jake’s Inferno Episode 349

Off to London tomorrow for a night of debauchery seeing Junkyard and Spread Eagle live and loud. But enough about my future hijinks, because I did manage to record a new episode of the Inferno before packing my toothbrush and passport. On this week’s playlist you’ll find punk, alternative, hardcore, thrash, sleaze, garage, rap and a ditty by my favorite crooner. 

Redox #93 - California Sun

Redox #93 – California Sun

Originally posted 5/30/11It’s Memorial Day and time for some Summer songs. Grab the BBQ tongs and hit the grill, grab your sandals and hit the beach, grab your Ipod and turn it up. I’ll be soaking in the warmth of the California Sun this summer and ser…

Wreckin' The Decks 20/08/2017

Wreckin’ The Decks 20/08/2017

Part 2 of 2 from Sunday 20/08/2017 feel free to listen ;)

KPunk 162

KPunk 162

Cyanide Pills – Stop And Search Cosmic Psychos – Fuckwit City Future Virgins – Change the Locks Worriers – Not Your Type Low Culture – On Fire Thermals – Test Pattern Protex – I Can’t Cope Ramones – Love Kills Stevie Stiletto – Brazil Pink Mink – Boo…

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #357 - Fast and Hard

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #357 – Fast and Hard

Wayne’s World – that is the subject tonight along with Babes, Pacers and Donuts……Here’s the Playlist:Nobody’s HeroStiff Little Fingers Nobody’s HeroesHowza Bouta Kiss Babe?!? Toy Dolls Bare Faced CheekOh Baby Babe Johnny Burnette & The Rock ‘n …

Redox #92 - LoveLines

Redox #92 – LoveLines

Originally posted 5/23/11What can I say about “High Fidelity”? Great movie, even better book. But, I’ll let the music do the talking tonight. Got some 13th Floor Elevators, Elvis Costello and Love for ya tonight.Here’s the playlist:You’re Gonna Miss Me…

Jake's Inferno Episode 348

Jake’s Inferno Episode 348

Squeezing the last drops out of my vacation, but there’s always time to sit down, pick some smokin’ tunes, talk some nonsense and turn this baby lose. On this week’s playlist you’ll find some punk, psychobilly, gothic country, hard rock, garage, alternative and a two-minute western ditty sung by Bonanza’s very own Ben Cartwright (well, the actor who played him anyway). 

DftUnderground Episode 360

DftUnderground Episode 360

Jason Tancer, my brother and bandmate from All Torn Up!, gets down to get some perceptive on our recent ATU European tour with Leftöver Crack, and touring in other countries in general. We talk a ton of shit as usual, and hopefully give you a little bit of insight about what it is like to be on tour with LoC, but we also try to process some of the differences between bringing conscious punk music to shows in the US vs. shows abroad, and spend some time processing all the wonderful people we met all over who firmly live life outside the confines of capitalist relations and treated us like family! But mostly we just talk about dumb shit that happened on tour.

Plus we listen to tunes from Leftöver Crack, All Torn Up!, Atavistic Traits, Con Era, and Deathbus.

Wreckin' The Decks 13/08/2017 (Full show )

Wreckin’ The Decks 13/08/2017 (Full show )

Wreckin’ The Decks , full show from 13/08/2017

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #356 - Not This Time

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #356 – Not This Time

Pinball #7 – Nickels and DimesHere’s the Playlist:Just Being With You Hard-ons Tales From The Australian Underground – Singles 1976-1989 Suggested by DarrenLoose Change The Vibrators Past, Present, FutureSuggested by KateDo You Want New Wave Or Do…

Jake's Inferno Episode 347

Jake’s Inferno Episode 347

Another lost weekend ahead? Bring this little musical companion at least. There’s some punk, alternative, stoner rock, action rock, hard rock, garage and a great song by a guy named Hoyt on the playlist, can’t go wrong that.

Redox #91 - One More Time

Redox #91 – One More Time

Originally posted 5/16/11 It’s another Power Pop episode – with a tribute to the Exploding Hearts, plus some great new Power Pop from the Cars, Smithereens, Title Tracks and the Connection.Here’s the Playlist:Boulevard TrashThe Exploding HeartsGui…

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #355 - Dead Sick Of

Red Red Wine On A Sunday #355 – Dead Sick Of

Airplanes – you gotta love em.  Tonight – that’s the subject

Here’s the Playlist:

Leavin’ On A Jet Plane
Me First And The Gimme Gimme’s
Have A Ball

Private Plane
Hüsker Dü
Flip Your Wig

The Replacements
All For Nothing Nothing For All

The Jam
All Mod Cons

Newark Airport Boogie
Electric Six
The Haiti Project
Suggested by Jake and Kate

Mystery Plane
King Automatic
Cramped! 7″ single

Mr. Airplane Man
Howlin’ Wolf
The Complete Recordings 1951-1969

The Passenger
Iggy Pop
Lust For Life

The Passenger
Art Brut
Art Brut Vs. Satan

Astral Plane
The Modern Lovers
The Modern Lovers
Suggested by Boyd


Orange Airplane
Screaming Trees

Hop With The Jet Set
Dead Kennedys
Bedtime For Democracy
Suggested by Darren

Shut Up And Get On The Plane
Drive-By Truckers
Southern Rock Opera
Suggested by Jer

Dead Sick Of
Paul Westerberg
Dry Wood Garage Sessions

Vista Blue
Here To Stay

Strychnine In My Lemonade
The Ghost Wolves
Texas Platinum

Cheap Whine
Cheap Whine

What I Want Is You
Out Went The Lights

Natural In A Way
The Volcanics
Oh Crash….

I Do
Arthur C. Lee
History Of
Contributed by John

Join The Riot
Paddy And The Rats
Riot City Outlaws

Time To Shave
The Putz
Cut The Shit

Gotta Get The First Plane Home
The Kinks
French Pye 7″
Suggested by Tom T

Flying Saucer Rock and Roll
Billy Lee Riley
UK Charley 7″

Sins Of Our Fathers
Flying Tigers
Trotter 7″

Snakes On A Plane
Selector Dub Narcotic
K 7″

The Letter
The Box Tops
Collectibles 7″

Clips tonight:

Hells Angels
Back To The Future

Instrumentals on the show

The Sounds of Waves Reversing     Man Or Astro-Man
Airplane      Madness
Flight Of The Phoenicians     Vanity 5 (thanks Darren!)
The Rocket Man      Spotnicks

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Next week, its  Money  (as in Pinball Money!)

In Two weeks, the subject is Wayne’s World

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Jake's Inferno Episode 346

Jake’s Inferno Episode 346

Halfway through the summer vacation and I’ve taken time out of my (not so) busy schedule to unleash another episode of the Inferno into the world. Punk, stoner rock, metal, garage, sleaze and surf can be found on the playlist. Enjoy! 

Redox #90 - Route 66

Redox #90 – Route 66

Originally posted 5/9/11

All covers tonight – got some Spotnicks, Lonesome Kings, and Green Jelly for you – covering Hank Williams, Blag Dahlia and the Sex Pistols (sorta).

Here’s the playlist:

Ode To A Black Man
The Dirtbombs
Ultraglide In Black
Suggested by Noland

Middle Brother
Middle Brother

Million Miles Away
Goo Goo Dolls
Hold Me Up

Get Rhythm
Ry Cooder
Get Rhythm
Suggested by Noland

San Quentin
Digger & the Pussycats 
The Man Is Back 7″
Suggested by Jake from Jake’s Inferno

Cover Me
The Boombox Hearts
Monte Carlo

I Got My Mojo Working
The Oxford Circle
Live At The Avalon 1966

Sometimes Always
Courtney Jaye 
The Exotic Sounds of Courtney Jaye

Captain’s Dead

Wig-Wam Bam
All Over You

Route 66
The Replacements
Paid In Beer

Search and Destroy
The Dictators
1234: Punk And New Wave 1976 > 1979
Suggested by Pan Chango

My Mind’s Eye
The Exploding Hearts
Live On KBOO

He’s a Whore
The Biters
Youtube clip

Hey, Good Looking
The Spotnicks
1962 President 7″

Let’s Take A Ride
Lonesome Kings
Rockin Raven red vinyl7″

Boom Boom
The Animals
Japanese EMI 7″

Anarchy In The U.K.

Green Jellÿ
Zoo 7″

Dizzy Miss Lizzy [Live]
The Plimsouls
Planet 7″

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Redox #89 - Knock It Right Out

Redox #89 – Knock It Right Out

Originally posted 5/2/11Buckle Up! The Red Red Wine On A Sunday Time Machine is set to blast off. Non-stop to 2002.Black Keys, Weezer, Epoxies – yeah – it was a good year.Here’s the Playlist:The Young Crazed PeelingThe Distillers 3Sing Sing Death House…

Swamp Jacuzzi Episode 77

Swamp Jacuzzi Episode 77

itunes pic
Evan Johns & The H-Bombs- Oh New Orleans
Jerry Reed- The Ballad of Gator McKlusky
Tiger Army- Where The Moss Slowly Grows
The Bohannons- Run The Roads
The Caballeros- Want Me To Go
The Floors- Pick Up Your Bones
Legendary Shack-Shakers- After You’re Gone
Haymaker- We Are Haymaker
The Aggrolites- Dirty Reggae
Norma Tenega- You’re Dead
Wipers- Doom Town
Dead Moon- It’s OK
The Monsters- Happy People Make Me Sick
The Hounds Of Baskerville- I Am Death
Greg ‘Stackhouse’ Prevost- Death Rides With The Morning Sun
The Toxenes- Dirty Finger
Canned Heat- Let’s Work Together

Jake's Inferno Episode 345

Jake’s Inferno Episode 345

Recorded the show this morning before my I drowned my throat and the rain took care of the rest in Copenhagen. It’s finally vacation time for me so why not spend it sharing some fine music? I’m serving up punk, death metal, bluegrass, alternative, hard rock, pub rock and a track probably a lot older than you. 

Redox #88 - Dice Behind Your Shades

Redox #88 – Dice Behind Your Shades

Originally posted 4/25/11Tonight, it’s all about Vegas, baby. Songs about Sin City and the things that happen there, plus a recap of the Viva Las Vegas Rockbilly Festival. Oh and a little too much Port.Here’s the Playlist:Goin’ To VegasSin City Sinners…

Wreckin' The Decks 23/07/2017 (Full show )

Wreckin’ The Decks 23/07/2017 (Full show )

Full show from 23/07/2017 .

KPunk 161

KPunk 161

  1. Piss Test – Arizona Cops
  2. Dark Rides – Walk The Floors
  3. Them Tornados – Nothing To Lose
  4. Bikini Kill – Reject All American
  5. Stevie Stiletto – This is America
  6. Ramones – Bonzo Goes to Bitburg
  7. Big Eyes – Giving It Up For Good
  8. theHELL – No Where Left
  9. Baby Ghosts – alien.edu
  10. Hospital Job – Confessions of a Former Waxdoll
  11. Bad Future – Assisted Living
  12. Drakulas – My Name In Your Mouth
  13. Dirty Fences – Give Me a Kiss
  14. Rumspringer – Sometimes Dead Is Better
  15. Doppelskangers – Imaginary Lines
  16. Sugar Stems – Haunted
  17. Bob Mould – Pray For Rain


Redox #87 - Cleaning House

Redox #87 – Cleaning House

Originally posted 4/18/11 This episode I’ve got some Killer rockabilly lined up for you. So sit back, loosen the Bow Tie, kick the dress shoes off and let it loose. I hope to leave you Breathless!Here’s the Playlist:BreathlessJerry Lee LewisLoud, …

DftUnderground Episode 359

DftUnderground Episode 359

Escape from the Zoo from Texas and We the Heathens from Wisconsin get down this week to talk a TON OF SHIT. We talk about their recent tour together, their blossoming love for each other, being stuck in the mud at Skatopia, pissing on lawns, shitting in bathtubs, Heathens unhealthy appreciation for White Claw, Jesse dipping his toe in the whip-it pool, Veronica playing mandolin for Slayer, and how We the Heathens have come to define Game of Thrones folk punk (unofficial). 

Plus we listen to Days N Daze, We the Heathens, Escape from the Zoo, and my band All Torn Up! which is currently on tour with Leftöver Crack

Jake's Inferno Episode 344

Jake’s Inferno Episode 344

Just got back from Amsterdam where The Gories and New Bomb Turks tore me a new one. Lovely city and I came home with a couple of 7″s too. On the playlist you’ll find some punk, hard rock, alternative, classic rock, ska and hardcore.