Music From The Farside #114

The Dickies-Paranoid
Gin Blossoms-Christine Sixteen
Suburban Studs-My Generation
Porter Hall Tennessee-People Who Died
Hüsker Dü-Love is All Around (Mary Tyler Moore Theme)
The Lurkers-Little Ol’ Wine Drinker Me
The New Lou Reeds-Every Setback In The World
Craic-Steppin’ Out
The Electric Eels-Jaguar Ride
Cheetah Chrome & The Ghetto Dogs-Still Wanna Die
The Standing 69s-Gasoline
Gasoline-Killer Man
Los Creepers-Pack Your Shit
Beki Bondage-Move Over
The Fisticuffs-God Bless Ya Rosie
The Gobshites-Liquor
Dropkick Murphys-Cadence to Arms