Music From The Farside #65

P.O.C. spotlight: Whiskey Daredevils

Telegram Sam Beki Bondage
Cowboy Song The Villains
Foggy Night The Cryin’ Out Louds
Isla De Encanta Pixies
Rhiannon [Fleetwood Mac] Zeke
Elvis Ripoff Theme Elvis Hitler
Someone To Believe Bad Religion
Corona Minutemen
The Drug Is Football Vanilla Muffins
A Million Miles Away Stiv Bators
Skunk Weed Whiskey Daredevils
Last Guest List Whiskey Daredevils
Sacrifice Saucebox
Shooting Dirty Pool The Replacements
Country Boy The Rel yea’s
Thumbmaster Rocket From The Crypt
Gashuffer Blackout Shoppers
Frenzy Raunch Hands
Hoots Mon Skudpuppetz
Cyber Slut The Pilfetus Project
Don’t wanna be a Punk Rubber City Rebels
I Can’t Explain David Bowie
You Gonna Die Switchblade Justice