Paddy O

My Life In Black And White

Bleeding Hearts-Bombs of Deception
My Life In Black And White-Ballad of Bridge City
The American Wake-The Drinking Jolly Roger
Street Dogs-Don’t preach to me
Billy Bragg-My Flying Saucer
Flatfoot 56-Thick And Thin
The Go Set-The Power Of Youth
Lexington Field-Cripple Creek
Johnny Peebucks and the Swingin’ Utters-Expletive Deleted
Banshee Reel-40 miles of pain
The Bastard Suns-Pirates Of The Whiskey Sea
Charm City Saints-Dicey Riley
Jackdaw-Broken Cans
Pipes And Pints-Heaven And Hell
Ahead to the Sea-Ahead to the Sea
Harry Gump-Take To The Street
Benjaming Band-