Paddy O’Punk #69

The Young Dubliners-Waxies Dargle
The Tossers-Dancin’ shoes
Finnegan’s Lads-Paddy’s Shaggin’ Sheep
The Swaggerin’ Growlers-Bastards Of Dorchester Ave.
The American Wake-Wagon Wheel
Emerald-Molly Maguires
The Stanfields-Don’t Make Me Walk Away
The Bastard Suns-Away, Away, Away
SMZB-Girl’s Dream
Fisticuffs-Fired Up
The Skels-The Holy Ground
The Dreadnoughts-Mary The One Eyed Prostitute….
The Shanes-Godfather Of Polka
Shane MacGowan & The Popes-Battle of Brisbane
The Nipple Erectors-King Of The Bop
Belfast Muslims-Ring Of Fire