Music From The Far Side episode#33

This week’s P.O.C. spotlight Devo
Redondo Beach Patti Smith
Party in der Gaskammer Middle Class Fantasies
California Sun The Dictators
When I’m in Love The Jerrys
Donnerwetter Artless
If Reagan Played Disco Minutemen
I Think You Lie Lightning Beat-Man
Pearl Babes In Toyland
Stavordale Rd,N5 The Nipple Erectors
Dead End America The Pagans
Uncontrollable Urge Devo
Mongoloid Devo
Untitiled Isidore
Polynesian Baby Crime Wave
Tappit And Spillit Lionheart
Sunday Sunday The Meatmen
The War Of The Superbikes The Meatmen
She’s A Hunchback The Dickies
Ticking Timebomb Demerit 7
It’s Not About 3 Kisses
Tooth Pick Man Hickoids
I Can’t Sleep The Hormones