Music From The Farside #100

The Kinks-Around The Dial
The Waitresses -Slide
Devo-Joko Homo
Reason Seven-This Song Sucks
Switchblade Justice-Your Wife
The Meatmen-Abba God and Me
Plague-Goon Squad
Hüsker Dü-Flexible Flyer
The New Bomb Turks-I Got Your Bitter End
Les Black’s Amazing Pink Holes-Crazy Slut
Suzi Quatro-Glycerine Queen
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts-Star, Star
Pride Of Ohio-Local 00
Dead Boys-Flame Thrower Love
Rocket from the Tombs-Sonic Reducer
Pere Ubu-Nonalignment Pact
Dragbeat-Tattooed Love Boys (Pretenders Cover)
The Wages Of Sin-White Riot
Boris Badenough-Hey Rocky