Music From The Farside #105

Dead Boys

RancidThe -Wars End
Faith No More-Be Aggressive
The Doughboys-Nobody’s Girl
The Motors-Freeze
The Saints-Know Your Product
GBH-City Baby Attacked By Rats
Rachel Sweet-Truckstop Queen
Dead Boys-All This and More
Dead Boys-Flame Thrower Love
Devo-Dogs Of Democracy
Pale Creation-Wake Of Temptation
The Dickies-My Pop The Cop
Apa State Mental-Easy Rider
Lightning Beat-Man & The Never Heard of EMS-Wrestling With Satan Betty Blowtorch-Dresses
The Positive Downside-Bang On The Drum
Cheap Trick-Brontosaurus
Caroline And The Treats-I Wanna Dance With You
The Chords-Now It’s Gone