Music From The Farside #106

Oblivians-Pill Popper
The Macc Lads-Blackpool
CroMags-Survival Of The Streets
The Cute Lepers-She Liked Helter Skelter
Janitor-American Justice
Biters-Born To Cry
Konsumo Respeto-N Puedo Mas
The Krewmen-Guy Fawkes
The Rolling Stones-Stupid Girl
The Dickies-It’s huge
The Mapes-Feed us
The Gories-Ghost Rider
Pathos-Election Day
Beguiled-SheDevil Rock
Death of Samantha-New Soldier New Sailor
Flotsam & Jetsam-Monster
Lamps-Niels Bohr
Hickoids-Pennsylvania Mexican
Samhain-Mother Of Mercy