Music From The Farside #107

Nashville Pussy-Milk Cow Blues
Anti You-Johnny Baghdad
Apa State Mental-Mockers Mantra
John Wilkes Booth-Hey Girl
The Lazy Cowgirls-Time & Money
The Byron Gill Trio-One Dollar One Vote
Dream Warriors-Wash Your Face in My Sink
The Pretenders-The Wait
Devo-Space Girl Blues
Devo-The Rope Song
Whiskey Daredevils-200 Miles To Wheeling
The New Salem Witch Hunters-Goodbuy/It’s Time /To Die
Hellmouth-Valley Of Armageddon
X-Ray Spex-The Day The World Turned Dayglo
Gasoline-Killer Man
Matty B And The Dirty Pickles-Evil Hymns
The Jim Jones Revue-Bag O’ Demons
JJ Nobody And The Regulars-Son Of A Bitch
Swingin’ Utters-Annual Pimple
Paladins-Double Datin’
El Vez-Maria’s the Name
The Langer’s Ball-A Christmas Lullaby