Music From The Farside #110

Instant Asshole-Motormouth
G.B.H.-Big Women
The Damned-Sick Of This And That
Dead Kennedys-Dear Abby
The Flaming Stars-More Than Enough
Seawolf-Dirty Wine
Ak47-Monster Movie
Dead Boys-I Won’t Look Back
Dead Boys-Flame Thrower Love
Rubber City- RebelsDead Boy
Devo-Auto Modown
California Speedbag-Shitlist
Flatfoot 56-Knuckles up
The New Bomb Turks-Tattooed Apathetic Boys
Caterwaul of Sound-Part of the Problem
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts-Up From The Skies
The Misfits-Astro Zombies
The Dickies-Jim Bowie
David Bowie-Up The Hill Backwards
The Replacements-Dose Of Thunder
The Dictators-Master Race Rock
U.S. Bombs-New Approach
Nekromantix-Voodoo Shop Hop
The Nerves-Hanging On The Telephone