Music From The Farside #29

This weeks pride of Cleveland spotlight is California Speedbag
Someday Concrete Blonde
St.Vitus Dance Bauhaus
Mama-Oom-Mow-Mow The Rivingtons
I Call You Mine Compulsive Gamblers
Beer Is A Necessity Dead City dealers
Lepers,Thieves and Whores Swingin’ Utters
My Friend Dropgun
Marilyn Monroe California Speedbag
Shitlist California Speedbag
Too Late Toxic Reasons
The Felton Wells Anthology This Is A Stick Up
Time Bomb Rancid
Camp Darby Blues Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers
Now That You’re Gone The Graverobbers
Fairfax Ave. Bull Lee
When The Pipers Play Pipes And Pints
Croatia Breaks U.S. Bombs
T’Kao Krava Paraf
You Gonna Die Switchblade Justice
Space Girl Blues Devo
Rake At The Gates Of Hell The Pogues