Music From The Farside #64

P.O.C. spotlight: Dexter Chumley Attack

White Elephant Volcano Suns
Misdirected The Cute Lepers
High Lonesome Wailing For You Natchez Shakers
I’m Not Your Man The Doughboys
Big Fat Sexy Mama The Compulsions
Just For Me Shock Treatment
Punk Rebel Sexy Bollocks
Criminals In My Car Joneses
Spook City U.S.A. Vampyre State Building
My Friend Dropgun
Misplaced Trust Is A Tapeworm Dexter Chumley Attack
Undead Dexter Chumley Attack
A Beer And A Cigarette Terraplane
Fist Fight Public Perverts
Graveyard Ghoul The Ills
Get Someone To Love Me Rancid X
You Gotta Know Girl Bee Bee Cee
Diamond Star Bizex B
I Let Jenny Ride Brain Police
To Forget In The Shit
Gotta Get Some Action The Dangits
Stavordale RD, N5 The Nipple Erectors
Speeed King These Animal Men
Someone’s Gonna Die Blitz
Fat Lip F-Units
Flesh & Blood Sham Rock Shakes
I’m Useless Queers
Guitar Man The Jesus & Mary Chain
Kids Of The K-Hole NOFX
5 O’Clock In The Morning The Donnas
Let’s Do It Joan Jett & Paul Westerberg
Black Leather Monster Plasmatics
The State Of Massachusetts Dropkick Murphys