Music From The Farside #78

Groovy Rednecks Punch Yer Neighbor’s Lights Out
Losin’ It Check Your Head
Animal Train Welcome To The Commonwealth
Sham 69 If The Kids Are United
The South Bay Surfers Get A Job
The Dickies Whack the Dalai Lama
R.E.M. Driver 8
Betty Blowtorch I Wanna Be Your Sucker
The New Lou Reeds Born To Rock
The Fucking Cops Kansas City
The Fucking Cops For Whom The Taco Bell Tows
Rubber City Rebels Rubber City Rebels
Pale Creation Manifest In Me
Sugarcubes Fucking in Rhythm & Sorrow
The Drill Listen Nazi
F-Minus and the Crack Rock Steady 7 Nobody is free
U.S. Bombs Bloody Rag
Stupid In Stereo Tree Love
Matt Wixson Fuck The Economy, Stupid!
Skullping Geronimo
Mach Kung-Fu Psycho
Hot Water Music Wild In The Streets
Anti You Operation S.S.
The White Stripes My Doorbell