Music From The Farside #84

This Week's P.O.C. is on The Wild Giraffes

Terry Malts Tumble Down
David Bowie It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City
The Replacements Skyway
Daave Edmunds Chutes And Ladders
The Patato Pirates Ghost Ship
Butt Trumpet Pink Gun
JiM Carrol People Who Died
Deaf Council Johnny Gun
The Wild Giraffes Love Me
The Wild Giraffes In and Out
Rubber City Rebels Kidnapped
Dead Boys Down In Flames
Dead City Dealers Paycheck to Paycheck
Caveman From Oklahoma County Fair
The Dickies I’ve got A Splitting Headache
The Meteors Lonesome Train
Oi River Summit Angry Youth
They Might Be Giants Particle Man
The Dead Milkmen Nutrition
Dead Kennedys Viva Las Vegas
The Macc Lads Saturday Night
F-Units Alone In Babylon