Music From The Farside #97

This weeks P.O.C. spotlight

Cage the Elephant-Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked
Rancid-The 11th Hour
The Bears-None Of
The Above HorrorPops-It’s Been So Long
Bull Lee-Fairfax Ave
Laughing hyenas-Under My Thumb
Choking Susan-I Wanna Be Your Fake Girlfriend
Minutemen-My Heart And The Real World
Dogmatics-Drinking By The Pool
The Wildebeests-Mongoloid
Starvation Army-Lost This Planet
Women In Prison-Dyke Out!
Women In Prison-Fat Girl Belly Shirt
Women In Prison-She’s My Bukaki
Easter Monkeys-14th Floor
Hoodoo Gurus-Another World
Bob Mould-It’s Too Late