Music From The Farside #98

The Pagans

Vanilla Muffins-Blue Red Forever
Supersuckers-Killer Weed
Thee Pirates-Bank Robber
Blackout Shoppers-Well Earned Riot
The Bruisers-Still Standing Up
Full of Hell-Rat King
Only Crime-Everything For You
Against The Grain-The Same In The End
Johnny & The SelfAbusers-Saints & Sinners
Rocket from the Tombs-Sister Love Train
The Pagans-Eyes of Satan
The Pagans-Give Til It Hurts
The New Bomb Turks-Up For a Downside
Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers-Barbed Wire World
Glambilly-White BBQ Sauce
The A-Bones-Button Nose
Pathos-Election Day
The Fayette County Hookers-Satan’s Highway
Animal Train-Welcome To The Commonwealth
Hickoids-The Best Liquor Store
The Replacements-Take Me Down To The Hospital
Wendy O. Williams-It’s My Life