Paddy O

Barleyjuice-Nancy Whiskey
Seven Nations-Our Day Will Come
Cutthroat Shamrock-Train In Scotland
Tenholes-Kenny Joy
The Langer’s Ball-Whiskey Chaser
The Black Tartan Clan-White Crosses
The Fisticuffs-Bruised but Not Beaten
Burn Witch Burn-Flowers Of Sulfur
Flogging Molly-Kilburn High Road
Firkin-Beer Almighty
Flatfoot 56-Knuckles up
Midnite Cruiser-Rich Bitch
The Gobshytes-Bloodshot
Great Drunkards-Across the Irish Sea
Mr. Irish Bastard-Galway Bay
Paddy McHugh and the Goldminers-Lights on the Hill
The Pokes-McMahone
Siobhan-Slippy’s In The Bar
The Wellits-Tomboy Girl
Kilmaine Saints-The Saints Are Up!
Swingin’ Utters-Nowhere Fast
Royal Shamrock-God Save Ireland
Sydney City Trash-Cuntry
Tara’s Fire-Life of a Drunken Sailor
Boggin Leprechaun-Foggy Dew
Rum Rebellion-The Rusty Cannonball
Blaggard-Battle of Vinegar Hill
My Three Kilts-Maggie’s Ass
Wild Colonial Bhoys-Hair of the Dog
Murther the Stout-Six O’Clock Swill
Zeptepi-The End
Dirty Glass-Love Song
Barstool Hooligans-Boiler Maker
Brick Top Blaggers-Government Issue
Shane Macgowan And The Popes-Spanish Lady
Banshee Reel-Horses
The Currency-Anchor And Crown
Larkin-Bottles In The Bay
Lancaster County Prison-Song For George