Paddy O

It’s the Super Storm episode of Paddy O’Punk

Blaggard-Any Port In A Storm
Cutthroat Shamrock-The Storm
Dropkick Murphys-Gonna Be a Blackout Tonight
The Skels-The Rain Came Pissin’ Down
The Pogues-Rain Street
Warblefly-When The Rain Came
Swingin’ Utters-Black Mountain Rain
Scrum-No Rain In The Pub
Flogging Molly-The Lightning Storm
The Mighty Regis-Celtic Storm
The Levellers-Rain And Snow
Far From Finished-Disaster
The Taxpayers-Some Kind Of Disaster Relief
The Waterboys-Song From The End Of The World
The Go Set-The Rising Tide
Larkin-The Great Irish Sea
The Black Tartan Clan-Seashore Legion
Pipes And Pints-City By The Sea
Brine & Bastards-Beneath The Waves
Flatfoot 56-Waves of War
Bastards On Parade-Death Shore Pirates
The Mahones-Streets Of New York
The Briggs-Maritime Tragedies