Paddy O

The Fatty Farmers

The Wages Of Sin-The Angel’s Share
Nyah Fearties-Baith Sides O’ The Bed
Denny’s Drive In-The Fiddler
The Sorry Lot-Sex and Beer
The Fatty Farmers-Baja California
The Real McKenzies-13
Drunken Fairy Tales-Ghetto
Fisticuffs-Five White Crosses
The Staggerers-Knife To the Eye!
Tenpole Tudor-Love and Food
Firkin-Beer Almighty
Craic Haus-Bottle Me Up
No Fuego-Pots & Pans
Big Bad Bollocks-Fueled By Piss
The Gobshites-Let’s Get Drunk
The Dirges-Stoney Lane
Shane MacGowan And Nick Cave-What A Wonderful World
The Briggs-My Own Enemy
Siobhan-Jakey’s Gone To Germany
The Shillelaghs-These Days
The Pogues-Boys From The County Hell
Saint Bushmill’s Choir-The Greenland Whale Fisheries
Paddy and the Rats-Sailor Sally
The Teen Idols-Five Lessons Learned
Pipes And Pints-Fight The Fight
Mr. Irish Bastard-Last Pint
Finnegan’s Lads-Paddy’s Shaggin’ Sheep
The Porters-Danny Farrell
Yesterday’s Ring-Roaming on St-Catherine street
The Pubcrawlers-Boston Burglar
The Killigans-Through The Flames
Sydney City Trash-The Ballad Of 1891
The Electrics-Settle Down
Lexington Field-Old Dirt Road
The Muck Savages-The World Is Full Of Bastards
Swingin’ Utters-Yesterday’s Dog End
Rabble Rousers-Union Town
Mt. Paiot’s-Devil Waltz