Paddy O

Murther the Stout-Six O’Clock Swill
The Pokes-Gone Is Gone
Ballydowse-Masefield Drowned
The Bog Hoppers-Irish Punk Rock Hippie
BlunderBuster-I Play In A Kick Ass Celtic Punk Rock Band
Blood Or Whiskey-Goodbye My Girl
Black Bones-The Rattling Bones Of Gill Mc Gee
Flatfoot 56-Bright City
Craic-For The Man
Bastards On Parade-Outlaw Rebel Songs
Bastards on Parade-Shallow Waters
Ceann-Pretty On The Inside
Flogging Molly-Salty Dog
Irish Moutarde-The Bear And The Maiden Fair
Jack FlashJack Flash Army
Lionheart-Cradle to the grave
McGillicuddys-The Shakes
Mobtown Hooligans-6 Pints Down
No Fuego-Pots & Pans
Reilly-The Body of an American
Schiehallion-So long Sid
Dust Rhinos-Just Can’t Drink Anymore
Ketamina-Rockabilly Girl
The Kidney Stones-Whiskey, Vomit, n Piss
Amadan-Union Of Drunken Upstarts
Saint Bushmill’s Choir-John Hardy
Swingin’ UttersT-eenage Genocide
UK Subs-Postcard From LA
The Men They Couldn’t Hang-The Day After
The Muck Savages-The World Is Full Of Bastards
Neck-Topless Mary Poppins
The Mahones-Amsterdam Song
Levellers-World Freak Show
The Rumjacks-Shadrach Hannigan
Circle J-See you all in hell
Banshee Reel-40 miles of pain
Stiff Little Fingers-White Christmas