Paddy O’Punk #82

Crève Nuit-La valse du pouvoir
Swingin’ Utters-Annual Pimple
My Three Kilts-Cooter Brown
Dani Butterlid-Modern Money Mechanics
Barstool Hooligans-Hey! Beer!
The Black Tartan Clan-Beer And Woman
Brine & Bastards-Beer And Loathing
The Cherry Coke$-Brave Sailor
Firkin-Within A Mile Of Home
The Briggs-One Step Behind
BlunderBuster-Old MacQuarie
The Celtic City Sons-Diesel St
Craic-Rattlin’ Bog
The Dirges-The Ballad Of Shane MacGowan
Shane MacGowan & The Popes-Nancy Whiskey
The Sods-My Girlfriend Wears Combat Boots
Jamie Clarke’s Perfect-Psychic TV
Ketamina-Rockabilly Girl
Mutiny-Brisbane Bandits
Pint Of Stout-Bearded Jacky
The Ramshackle Army-The Fire Is Burning
The Shillelaghs-Against The Wall
Street Dogs-Rebel Song
Flogging Molly-Whistles the Wind