Paddy O’Punk #93

The Bleeding Irish-1916 Uprising
Across the Border-The Day The Nazi Died
Bastards on Parade-Old Man’s Booze
Banshee Reel-Fire from the heart
Belfast Food-I Was A Boy
The Pubcrawlers-Itchy Fingers/The Wreck of The Old ’97
The Vandon Arms-Grab a Shovel
The Vandon Arms-One Hell of a Night
Will Tun and the Wasters-Skank For Me
Belfast Muslims-Franklin D. Roosevelt
BOOTed COCKS-Skinheads
Catgut Mary-Jacky Butler
Ceann-On My Tab
Cropdusters-John Henry
Farler’s Fury-Captain Cheevans
Flatfoot 56-Brotherhood
Greenland Whalefishers-Acid In N.Y.
The McGillicuddys-Glory-O
Neck-Blue Skies Over Nenagh
No Fuego-Pots & Pans
NeverNoodz-Weekend at Brianeen’s
Pipes And Pints-Braveheart