Paddy O’Punk #13

My Brother Sylvester The Pubcrawlers
Pipes And Drunx Bastards On Parade
Beer Song The Gobshites
Bang! Paddy And The Rats
Bury Me Cutthroat Shamrock
Take My Hand Paddy’s Irish Clan
1952 Vincent Black Lightening The McGillicuddys
Who I Wanted To Be (Pretty Baby) Yesterday’s Ring
The Old Black Rum Fiffin Market
Little Town Of Bethlehem The 241ers
Netra Melmor
Southside Paddy The Wakes
Too Many Fingers The Real McKenzies
Give The Bastards Hell The Killigans
Toothless Smile Pocket Billiards
Anchor Tattoo Amadan
Burn it down Rum Rebellion
Steve The Twat Smokey Bastard
37 Cents Joey Briggs