Paddy O’Punk #18

With  great pleasure I introduce to you  a band from  my home town, Cleveland, Ohio

Folk’s Not Dead Fiddler’s Green
Skinheads BOOTed COCKS
All Laced Up 2Johnny Peebucks and the Swingin’ Utters
C’mon Colleen Craic Haus
Farewell To Nova Scotia The Real McKenzies
Green & Red of Harrow BibleCode Sundays
Pot To Piss In The Skels
Acid In N.Y. Greenland Whalefishers
Ishkabaha CRAIC
Rattlin’ Bog CRAIC
Lets Go Pipes And Pints
Rusty Side of Zagreb Paddy’s Allstars
Skol Bastards On Parade
The 19th Hour Beantown Boozehounds
No Matter Where You Are The Black Tartan Clan
Get Drunk And Go Home The Mighty Regis
Night Paddy Murphy Died Charm City Saints
Beer Run Rum Rebellion