Paddy O’Punk #21

Moja Raka The Shamrock
The dirty glass Dropkick Murphys
Wasted life Face To Face
Farewell, Self Esteem Kilmaine Saints
The Ryebuck Shearer Catgut Mary
Folk’n’Glory Bleeding Hearts
Drinkup Yabastards Big Bad Bollocks
Seashore Legion The Black Tartan Clan
Delta Dawn Lancaster County Prison
Any Port In A Storm Blaggard
1916 Uprising The Bleeding Irish
Dungeon Walls The Briggs
When The Pipers Play Pipes And Pints
Irish Punk Punx Crew
Early Morning, Broken Glass The Roughneck Riot
Jedi Drinking Song Dust Rhinos
Star of the County Down Craic
These Pretty Pleasures Swingin’ Utters
Ronnie Goes To Heaven The 241ers
Whiskey Makes Me Crazy The Tossers
Anchor Tattoo Amadan
Frontline Hooligans Dirty Filthy Mugs
Dry Bones Cutthroat Shamrock
Kiss My Ass Swaggerin’ Growlers
Mckenzies Daughter The Fisticuffs
Another Prison Blues Barstool Hooligans
Tits And Fanny Surfin’ Turnips
Whiskey In The Sun Sydney City Trash
Pub girl Die D