Paddy O’Punk #25

Boat Train Street Dogs
Fighter Street Dogs
Is This Bar Open Til Tomorrow The Mahones
On The Rocks McGillicuddys
Chi-Town PD Blues Beantown Boozehounds
Sally Brown The Dreadnought
Ballad Of The Little Count The Whisky Priests
Forgotten Hero The Shillelaghs
Another Drinking Song Rum Rebellion
The Butcher’s Bill The Skels
Guinness ‘n’ Chips The Lagan
Saints and Sinners The Kreellers
The Riverflow Levellers
Rock & Roll Paddy (Live) Shane MacGowan And The Popes
Bloodshot The Gobshytes
Liquor The Gobshites
Brown Paper Bag The Bruisers
Harder To Stand The Briggs
Police Strike Riot Mutiny
No Rules Great Scotch The Black Tartan Clan