Paddy O’Punk #26

Bullet For Vapid Beer The Cherry Coke$
Welcome to Bastards Bay Bollox
Butt Tattoo Ceann
Drinkin’ Song The Clovers
Silver Dagger The Men They Couldn’t Hang
Scotland The Brave Skudpuppetz
Tony And Vinny Dirty Filthy Mugs
Numbers Mansic
Kiss My Ass Swaggerin’ Growlers
Any Port In A Storm Blaggard
Honky Tonks In Heaven Roaring Jack
Drunken Slailor Barstool Hooligans
Road Crew Warblefly
Beer Run Rum Rebellion
The Tyburn Jig The Wages Of Sin
The Banshee Song Ballydowse
Swagger Flogging Molly
Got A Lot O’Livin’ To Do The Pogues