Paddy O’Punk #28

Good Enough For Me The Vandon Arms
One Bullet One Bottle Whiskey Avengers
On Her Majesty’s Service Liberty Cage
In God We Trust Kings and Boozers
Get Out Of Here Franks Bootboys
Lone Wolf The Scotch Greens
Seashore Legion The Black Tartan Clan
Sorry I Was Drunk Barstool Hooligans
Buckets Of Beer Tossers
Dont Ask Why Swingin’ Utters
Mr. Star Greenland Whalefishers
Not Long for This World Screw City Saints
Pride Ducky Boys
Dusty Shelves Far From Finished
I Want Sex The Booze
Fight or flight Face To Face
Spirit Of ’04 BOOTed COCKS
Boys of Queens The Bible Code Sundays
Molly Malone The Kissers
If I Should Fall From Grace With God Shane Macgowan & The Popes