Paddy O’Punk #35

Namoi River Farmer Paddy McHugh and the Goldminers
Un Dia De Furia (The Rising Of The Moon) Motor Perkins
Fat Tim’s Life The Gentlemen
Filthy Dog Drunken Balordi
Prison Years Sydney City Trash
Knickers The Young Dubliners
Old Maui The Dreadnoughts
Say Hello To The Provos Shebeen
Iron Chin The Bruisers
Lesbian Fight The Potato Pirates
I Don’t Care About That The Potato Pirates
Lady Whiskey The Porters
White Collar Fraud Street Dogs
Playing For The Traffic Roaring Jack
Golden Daze Surfin’ Turnips
Port Song The Currency
The Angel’s Share The Wages Of Sin
Maries Wedding Fiddler’s Green
No Rules Great Scotch The Black Tartan Clan
Dont Try Pipes And Pints