Paddy O’Punk #40

The Best of 2011
Marys Lane Live In Ohio City
Between The Wars The Rats
Fisticuffs You’ll Not Take Us Alive
The Pokes Hello, My Dear
Sir Reg A Sign Of The Times
Cutthroat Shamrock Dark Luck
Fiddler’s Green Wall Of Folk
The Dreadnoughts Uncle Touchy Goes To College
The Ramshackle Army Life Lessons and Drunken Sessions
The Bloody Irish Boys Auld St Patrick
The Mighty Regis Walking Around Lucky
Bastards On Parade Tales from the Death Shore
Mr. Irish Bastard Never Mind The Bastards, Here Is Mr. Irish Bollocks
Paddy and the Rats Hymns for Bastards
Speed of Darkness Flogging Molly
Going Out In Style Dropkick Murphys
It’s Still New Enough That It’s Forgivable Craic