Paddy O’Punk #42

Mudmen On A Country Road
The McGillicuddys Glory-O
Joey Briggs So Let Down
Fiddler’s Green Captain Song
Street Dogs Tobe’s Got A Drinking Problem
The Sawyer Family New England
The Ramshackle Army Rue the Day
Paddy McHugh and the Goldminers The Moonbi General Store
The Levellers Battle Of The Beanf
Craic Haus Bottom Of A Guinness
Icewagon Flu Boston Harbour
Fisticuffs These Trying Times
Dropkick Murphys Going Out In Style
The Staggerers Pitbulls Don’t Play Banjo
The Sore Thumbs 15th And T
Sir Reg Drink Up Ya Sinners
Screw City Saints Red Blood On a Sgein Dubh
Paddy And The Rats Poor Ol’ Jimmy Biscuit
Greenland Whalefishers Police Chief Inspector
Pipes And Pints Criticized
The Pogues Boys From The County Hell
Raise Your Glass Bersama
Punx Crew Irish Punk