Paddy O’Punk #44

Hammered Grunts
Pocket Billiards Molly
Hammered Grunts No ambition
Dirty Filthy Mugs Another Round
The Gobshites It’s Friday!
The Muck Savages Muck Savages
Swagger Piper Down
Whisky Chaser The Skye Boat Song
Rum Rebellion Anthem For The Punx
The Bible Code Sundays Bang Bang You’re Dead
The Bloody Irish Boys Drink ‘er Up Boys
The Kreellers Far Away
In Search Of A Rose P Stands For Paddy
The Go Set New Race
Frank Mackey and the Keltic Cowboys Cops and Bagpipes
Queers I’m Useless
Far From Finished Wanna Be A Catastrophe
The Bleeding Irish Amazing Grace
Catgut Mary Melbourne Tram Song
Brine & Bastards Song Of The Siren
The Black Tartan Clan White Crosses
The Tossers Buckets of Beer
Will Tun and the Wasters Skank For Me