Paddy O’Punk #51

The Gentlemen Fat Tim’s Life
Bastards On Parade Pipes And Drunx
The Porters Will You Still Love Me (If I Wet The Bed)?
Drunken Fairy Tales Bride
Blaggard The Eviction Song
Blood Or Whiskey Galway Town
Handsome Young Strangers Ryebuck Shearer
Handsome Young Strangers Thunderbolt
Tricks Upon Travellers Blame
The Real McKenzies White Knuckle Ride
Larkin Faith of a Felon
The Banjaxed Copperhead Road
Sigelpa Molly Malone
The Wages Of Sin White Riot
The Buccaneers The World Has Its Own Ideas
Saint Bushmill’s Choir The Greenland Whale Fisheries
The Shillelaghs Drink It Up
Siobhan Box Of Wine
The Popes Pump Action Paddy