Paddy O’Punk #53

The Bastard Suns Oh, Celina
Rum Runner The Green Sod
Hit The Bottle Boys South Australia
The Bloody Irish Boys The Pirate Song
The Skels When The Devil’s Whore Arrives
The Gobshytes Bloodshot
Flatfoot 56 Hoity Toity
Birmingham Six Fisherman’s Blues
The Briggs Dungeon Walls
The Vandon Arms Waxies Dargle / Watch Out What Ya Say
Dropkick Murphys The Dirty Glass
The Mighty Regis 21 Patty Finn
The Scotch Greens Hot As Texas
The Real Mckenzies Scottish And Proud
Armed Suspects Bottle Of Whiskey
The Blue Casket Carnival Lions
Denny’s Drive In Sailors in the Bay
Flogging Molly The Kilburn High Road