Paddy O’Punk #57

Tara's Fire

The Potato Pirates We’re Faggots
Black 47 I Got Laid on James Joyce’s Grave
Dust Rhinos Wrong
Brogues Mick Me Guire
The Porters The Button Pusher
Amadan Anchor Tattoo
Barstool Hooligans Hey! Beer!
Beantown Boozehounds Goin’ Down The Bar
Black Tartan Clan Banks Of The Roses
Catgut Mary Shag On A Rock
Tara’s Fire Life of a Drunken Sailor
Tara’s Fire Get Off My Whiskey
Charm City Saints Bars and Scars
The Croagh Patrick Come Back Agein
Dropkick Murphys 10 Years of Service
The Electrics Satellite
Filthy Thieving Bastards Move Out Of Here
The Kissers Kicked In The Head
Keltic Cowboys Kiss My Irish Ass
Hit The Bottle Boys Johnny Come Lately