Paddy O’Punk #6

The Old Dark Brown The Go Set
Paddy’s Lantern Catgut Mary
This Is We The Killigans
Nancy Whiskey McGillicuddys
Orange and the Green The Kreellers
Tink Neck
Gambling Days The Roughneck Riot
The Old Man Circle J
Fuck Ups Scrum
The Leaving Of Liverpool Brine & Bastards
Feck The Celtic Tiger Sir Reg
Pipes And Pints Pipes And Pints
Toothless Smile Pocket Billiards
Sally Maclennane The Pubcrawlers
Gotta Go Rum Rebellion
Dragonflies Rum Runner
Pirata Nel Piles Sambre
Meat, Teeth, And Hair The Scotch Greens
Whiskey Makes Me Crazy The Tossers