Paddy O’Punk #61

Bouncin B.C.- Afraid of Clowns
Harry Gump- Born In 1988
The Slaughterhouse Chorus- Built for BBQ
Blood Or Whiskey- Galway Town
Across The Border- The Dance Around The Fire
Agnostic Front- 9 Seconds Remaining
Jake Burns- Half Past Dead
Ahead to the Sea- The Hag Of Freeborough
The Dunn Boys- Nova Scotia
Face To Face- Wasted life
Joey Briggs- 37 Cents
Finnegan’s Lads- God Save Ireland
Flatfoot 56- City on a Hill
The Gentlemen- Fat Tim’s Life
Greenland Whalefishers- Ramones
H2O- I want more
Handsome Young Strangers- Ryebuck Shearer
Hit The Bottle Boys- South Australia
Jack Flash- Lachlan Tigers
The Killigans- Never On The Mend