Paddy O’Punk #62

The Tartan Hearts-Land Ho
Lords Of The Pint-Titanic 1912
Tenholes-Kenny Joy
Hoist The Colors-Sail On Sweet Soul
Finnegan’s Lads-Hills of Connemara
The Narrowbacks-Dirty Old Town
The Pogues-Got A Lot O’Livin’ To Do
Cornshed-Green Horn
Billy Bragg-Walt Whitman’s Niece
The Pokes-Shitty Day
Pipes And Pints-When the Pipers Play
Screw City Saints-Let’s Start All Over (again)
The Punkabillys-Comin Home
Denny’s Drive In-The Fiddler
Between The Wars-Irish Rebel
Song Sydney City Trash-Cowboy Up!
Ashley MacIsaac-The Devil In The Kitchen
Blood or Whiskey-Rudy
Protex-I Wonder Why
Circle J-For everyone like me
Swingin’ Utters-Blindness Is Kind
The American Wake-She Swears Like A Sailor