Paddy O’Punk #63

Cromdale-I Know I Have To Die
The Tossers-Political Scum
Flogging Molly-If I Ever Leave This World Alive
Rum & RebellionToWoodyGuthrie, Ingrid Bergman And Mandy
The Pauki-Old School
The Wages Of Sin-Salty Dog Blues
Saints & Sinners-Demons go out
The Roughneck Riot-Ignorance is Easy
Paddy and the Rats-Bang!
Lick The Tins-Can’t Help Falling In Love
Craic Haus-Who’s Yer Paddy, Now
Fiddler’s Green-The Night Pat Murphy Died
The Mahones-Streets Of New York
The Mahones-Whiskey In The Jar
Brutus’ Daughters-Time Has Gone By
Blaggards-Leaving of Liverpool
The Marxmen-Army Of The People
Big Bad Bollocks-Drinkup Yabastards
Beantown Boozehounds-Where The Rats Roam