Paddy O’Punk #65

The Mahones

Rusty Nail-Open Ground
The Mahones-Drunken Night In Dublin
Saint Bushmill’s Choir-John Hardy
The 241ers-Supreme Trading (New York Is The New York)
Will Tun and the Wasters-Wandering Ways
Tofu Love Frogs-Star Of Hackney Downs
Ahead To The Sea-Boondock Shank
Across The Border-Far Away
Dropkick Murphys-The Dirty Glass
Dust Rhinos-Drinking Like A Fiddler
Lexington Field-Weathered Heart
The Muck Savages-The World Is Full Of Bastards
The Ramshackle Army-No Rest for the Wicked
Rum & Rebellion-Whore’s Blues
The Scotch Greens-Bitch
The Shillelaghs-The Land I Know
The Tartan Hearts-Land Ho
Craic-Rattlin’ Bog
Handsome Young Strangers-Lachlan Tigers
Stiff Little Fingers-Barbed Wire Love
The Gobshites-I Only Drink Stout
Johnny Peebucks and the Swingin’ Utters-Sounds Wrong
The Kidney Stones-Eruption Destruction
Lancaster County Prison-Song For George
Brine & Bastards-Song Of The Siren
The Pubcrawlers-Sally Maclennane
The Pogues-White City
The Porters-The Leaving Of Liverpool
Puke-Work Song
RADIOTS-World Jack Radio
The Real Mckenzies-Whiskey Scotch Whiskey
The Wellits-Fort McMurray
Roaring Jack-Lads Of The BLF
The Cherry Coke$-I’ll Weeds Grow Apace
The Muck Savages-Broke And Sober
Flogging Molly-Swagger
The American Wake-The Drinking Jolly Roger
Barstool Hooligans-Vito O Leary
The Bastard Suns-Walk Of Life