Paddy O’Punk #67

Auld Corn Brigade-Boys of the Old Brigade
Ballydowse-Bud Morris
Swingin’ Utters-Angels Pissing on Your Head
Banshee Reel-Flat Fish, Shallow Water
Bastards On Parade-Time To Go Out
The Langer’s Ball-Mackey’s Daughter
The Langer’s Ball-Johnny, You’re a Rovin’ Blade
Beantown Boozehounds-The 19th Hour
Between The Wars-Irish Rebel Song
Big Bad Bollocks-Pubs of Liverpool
Black Tartan Clan-My Father, Myhero
Catgut Mary-Yard Rat Shanty
The Blue Casket-Mother’s Pride
The Staggerers-Go To Hell
The BibleCode Sundays-Dixieland
The Pauki-Knock The Mugs
Dirty Filthy Mugs-Dirty Filthy Mugs Are We