Paddy O’Punk #7

In Heaven There Is No Beer La Eringo!
Me And The Boys Bastards On Parade
Hillibilly (Live) The Popes
Blitzkrieg Bop The Killdares
Needle Song Across The Border
Gates Of Hell The 241ers
Too Blind Off Kilter
Turn It Upside Down The Whisky Priests
Road Crew Warblefly
White Riot The Wages Of Sin
The Irish Combine The Pubcrawlers
Star Of Hackney Downs Tofu Love Frogs
Cowboy Up! Sydney City Trash
Kiss My Ass Swaggerin’ Growlers
Drink Up Thee Cider Surfin’ Turnips
Declaration Street Dogs
The Crutch The Tossers
Shite ‘n’ Onions Neck
The Girls Of Tramore The Peelers