Paddy O’Punk #70

The Cropdusters-Knoxville Girl
The Dirges-Union Man vs Rebel Girl
The Fucking Buckaroos-Time and Time Again
The Bruisers-Independence Day
The Bloody Irish Boys-Auld St. Patrick
Dropkick Murphys-Boys on the Docks
Sydney City Trash-The Convict
My Life In Black And White-Bombs on Blair Mountain
The Ramshackle Army-Uprising Young Citizen
The Real McKenzies-King O’ Glasgow
Roaring JackBuy Us A Drink
The Roughneck Riot-Downing the Days
The Swaggerin’ Growlers-Before the Morning
Paddy and the Rats-Irish Washerwoman
Royal Shamrock-God Save Ireland
Tempest-Green Eyed Irish Girl
Rum Rebellion-Raise Yer Glasses
Swingin’ Utters-Annual Pimple
The Tossers-Political Scum